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We got interesting plot development in Black Bullet and Knight of Sidonia. Captain Earth is still somewhat generic, while Nobunaga The Fool is getting more and more crazy the closer it gets to its ending. Mahouka had a somewhat redundant episode.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep  8

You can’t really drop the hammer harder than in this episode. We already knew that Tatsuya was a genius, we didn’t really need half the episode being praise about his skills. We also had big hints that he was Taurus Silver and this episode had more and more about it.

At least we learned something special; Tatsuya is a special agent for the Japanese army and he acts as a special engineer for them. There also seems to be some special ramifications with other students and characters as well.

It wasn’t a bad episode, it just had a lot of redundant exposition.

Captain Earth, Ep 8

The new Kill-T-Gang is totally crazy. Well, crazier than Malkin and Amarok. His name is Jinbald. He had a sorry life story before gaining back his “libido-devourer” memories.

We also learned that there are five planetary gears undiscovered: two boys and three girls. They found one boy this episode, so the rest are girls.

There was a small fight in the episode, nothing really special, although Akira showed her hacking skills… and was called a script monkey by Amarok. They were not too happy having their Machine Goodfellow hacked.

The episode had a lot of, “Can you please stop calling me that?” from Daichi, because he doesn’t like to be called Captain.

Nobunaga The Fool, Ep 20


So many weird things in this episode.

We now have Monkey Mark II (the joke is even made). Hideyoshi is now a cyborg, thanks to Da Vinci and the Regalia.

Hideyoshi is now a cyborg
Cyborg Monkey boy!

Arthur showed himself to Caesar. Well, I should say, herself. Unlike Alexander, this time Arthur was a woman. With blond hair. I’m thinking there might be a link with Jeanne even going by how she talked to her at the very end. Yep, Arthur moved his entire castle to the East planet.

I’m starting to think that the whole thing is a plot by Arthur(ia). He manipulated everything to get something and he is close to getting it.

Black Bullet, Ep 8

So, we now have a Gastrea who can corrode vibrarium. Which means that one of the Monoliths is going down soon and two thousand monsters are going to invade Tokyo.

That would have been a rather boring storyline in most shows, not here, though. There are clear hints that humans are helping the monsters. The garrison went up in flames, an anti-Cursed children leader was murderer, and they blamed one of the Cursed Children for it — something I doubt is the truth. The whole thing is a setup so the new Gastrea law doesn’t pass.

It also means that Seitenshi asked Rentaro to recruit people to help stop the Gastrea invasion. He brought Tina to the recruiting. The first dude he met said he wasn’t going to join someone weaker than him. He was ranked 1800 something, along with his little sister who is his Initiator. I like Tina’s “”I don’t have a rank right now because I was demoted” …and everyone’s face when she said she was a former 98 rank (the lower the rank, the more badass you are).

Going by the opening sequence, there is one more pair to recruit. Probably next episode.

Knight of Sidonia, Ep 8

Bears are awesome. I still do not understand why Lala exists, or more like how, but immortal bears are awesome.

We got a flashback to 100 years ago, it was awesome and we now know who exactly Tanikaze is. He’s a clone, but he received genetic modification to make him “immortal.” He was kidnapped by Hiroki, his grandfather and the original copy, a few years ago so he could teach him everything he knew. Looks like the immortal council is really immortal. They keep their immortality by transplanting their brains into clones from the look of it. I got the feeling the Gauna do something similar.

Lala scolding Izana
Do not call Lala by her first name…

Weird stuff with the Gauna this episode also. They not only copied Hiroshiro’s frame, they also made a pseudo-clone of her and the fight was super creepy with all the taunting and laughing in Hiroshiro’s voice.

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