Weekly Anime Review

This was a slightly boring week, because all of the shows are setting up the next plot point, so there’s lots of talking and exposition and not enough action. Well, Captain Earth had action, but it was almost the same thing as the previous episode.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep 9

Tatsuya is sort of like a god, I guess. He’s a total Gary-Stu.

Looks like ancient magic had stuff that dealt with spirits. It looks strange, and seems like you need special eyes to really know what you are doing. This also caused two people to meet each other, and I’m already shipping them.

The president trying to charm Tatsuya was funny; lucky for her, his sister wasn’t around. Otherwise, that summer dress of hers would have been a very, very bad clothing choice for the situation. Strange ending though; the kids are going to the competition and they get in a car accident, but it looks suspicious.

You know, there are too many characters with names that start with M in this show. I have trouble remembering everyone’s names.

Captain Earth ep 9

I just realized that each of the Kill-T-Gang designer’s children’s hair color matches their mobile platform colors. This time it was yellow. Ai was a singer idol with a not-good-enough-for-them problem. Although, I really liked her, “I love my fans so much that I want to eat them; I probably should sing for them.”

Besides that, Akira was kidnapped by Amarok and Malkin. They asked her to disable all the impacters, which she did while Ai was working on booting up her Kill-T-Gang real body. Then when that failed, because Daichi is sort of awesome despite being dorky, they asked her to make all the Globe bases self-destruct. That didn’t work because Akira is also totally awesome in the “I don’t mind killing all the humans on Earth, so you get to waits billions of years to get Orgone energy” sense. I love the girl. She’s badass despite doing n0 fighting.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 21

Crazy Caesar is not funny. He’s all about equal love and the idea that everyone should die to be made perfect. The guy was totally mind-screwed by Arthur. Even Ichi realized it and she slapped him, which didn’t stop him from trying to do a lot of stupid things. Good thing that Nobu knows what he is doing, despite neither Mutsi nor Jeanne trusting him.

We also learned about something called a Perfecta. I can’t decide if it’s closer to a Frankenstein idea or if it is a homunculus.

Of course, Cesare Borgia and the imps were not happy with the peace and love Caesar, so they killed him along with Ichi. Nooooooo.

Black Bullet ep 9

I find it interesting that the initiators have characteristics from their gastrea virus thingy. The team is now composed of a cat, a spider, an owl, and hmm… whatever beast Enju is based upon. The humans, all modified I bet, are Kisara, Rentarou and two other dudes.

Three of them are from the Tendou school. I’m starting to think that’s an important plot point. That and the fact that all the civil officers are just backup against the soon to invade gastrea. It’s like someone wants to see all the army dead.

Knight of Sidonia ep 9

So Gauna-shiro has started to learn and is slightly obsessed with the kobyashi. She’s always looking in that direction. They really hate that thing.

We also learned a bit more about Ochiai. He is kept under Kunato’s manor, and I’m ready to bet that he was a member of that family and Kunato is a clone of him, which doesn’t bode well for the future, really.

Gauna mimicking human helmet
Nice Helmet Gauna-shiro

We also had a few flashbacks again, to Izana’s grand-mother actually, Yure, the person who made humans photosynthesize.

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