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We are getting closer and closer to both season finales and mid-season episodes. This means weird things are happening and the pacing gets strange. In Nobunaga the Fool we are entering the last stretch and all the pieces are on the table. The next episode should be interesting, even if I have no idea where this is going. Captain Earth presented a new bad lady who was more interesting than the previous one. I like her. Black Bullet had a filler episode that existed only to provide drama. Knight of Sidonia showed more plot, which is always good. Finally, Mahouka seems to be moving along nicely using its tropes.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep 10

What a strange setup episode. I’m not too sure why Erika would be forced by her parents to attend the competition as a spectator. I suspect she’s military backup or something considering her parents’ link to the military and the hotel being owned by the military. The other Weed friends of Tatsuya are there as well, and I’m totally shipping Erika with him. Erika’s childhood friend is going to end up with glass-girl.

We also got to see the head of the magic structure in Japan. The old dude played a prank and only five people saw through it. The only person we know to have seen it is Tatsuya. I wonder who the four others are?

I’m not sure where this is going: Mikihiko encounters thieves around the hotel and is more or less saved by Tatsuya.

Captain Earth ep 10

Well, well, well. We meet the third planetary gear. She is a speed junky and I kind of like her. She also likes the wind. It’s funny how the island where Daichi is from has the saying that the wind is great there. Hmm. She’s a possible candidate for leaving the bad guys.

Teppei kicks her ass too. Daichi fails to stop her to boot up her space mecha and Teppei uses his own Nebula engine (all new prototype) to go up there and finish her off.

Nebula Earth Engine
Nebula Earth Engine with no hands…

The ending was cooler, though. We actually meet what looks like another planetary gear and that person has a pink squirrel. I don’t think that’s a bad guy either.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 22

Mitsu is an idiot.

Arthur uses perfectas to have a bunch of his dead followers back to fill his 12 dudes of the round table and summons the Holy Grail. He is just missing Himiko, Nobu, Jeanne, and Monkey. Himiko is dying, so he might have to improvise. I get the feeling that Charlemagne will defect. He is questioning things already.

Mitsu is all conflicted, so he sees Arthur, at which point he is easily brainwashed. Nobu is all conflicted, too, and he thinks he killed everyone that was near him.

Black Bullet ep 10

I’m not sure what the point of this episode was supposed to be. Well besides the monolith falling apart one day early and the Cursed Children that sing weirdly looking at it.

The rest was Rentaro’s students getting blasted by a bomb and all dying and him wondering for whom he is working (an asshole that murders kids or protecting everyone including said kids).

Knight of Sidonia ep 10

Nothing is ever simple. Looks like the XO has been manipulated by the Captain to have the chance to show something in secret to Nagate. In this case, a man-made weapon that can kill Gauna. She also tells him that she wants him to test it.

He gets his chance. The colonists, who finally get to leave Sidonia, are targeted not long after they leave the ship and Nagate uses the kabi-gun to kill the Gauna. I suspect the captain put a Kabi in it to attract the Gauna. She also is all: “I hope you are not going to rebel against my rule like Hiro,” and she wants to change because of it. I’m really starting to like her.

human-Gauna hybrid
That thing is a human-Gauna hybrid

Izana is made a pilot and in her annoyance she almost falls to her death. I guess she’s going to survive until the end now despite having a crush on Nagate.

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