Weekly Anime Review

We got some action this week. Knight of Sidonia continues in reducing the ship’s population at alarming rate, and Black Bullet does something similar. Nobunaga the Fool has less death, but they still hit where it hurts. Finally, Captain Earth has a strange episode. I really don’t know where this is going.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 11

The magic competition is all sorts of awesome, even though some of the high school students are somewhat overpowered. The school president with guns is sort of scary. Mari does self-propelled waterboard, which looks like fun. Erika still seems like she doesn’t like her, though. I really wonder what happened back in her family’s dojo between both of them.

Tennis racketbal that looks like a gun
She’s playing magical tennis…

Beside school magic trials stuff, there wasn’t really anything else interesting.

Captain Earth, Ep 11

Things got sort of strange.

We finally meet Setsuna, aka Lady Siren. She can maker her own orgone energy, which makes the whole “eat the entire world of libido” or create Hana to make us “orgone energy” kind of flawed, since they already had a producer.

We also got lots of information about the Kanda’s incident. That part makes sense; it seems like Puck is the real bad guy here and Amarok and Moco are just rebellious kids on a trip. There is even a guy called Robin, as in Robin Goodfellow.

Nobunaga The Fool, Ep 23

Kenshin! Always so badass and he got the best mecha. Now he even has a stylish eye-patch too.

Seems like Arthur’s plan is to destroy the world and recreate it for only himself and perfecta. What kind of plan is that exactly? Seems to be extremely boring to me.

Himikooooooooooooo! Noooooooooooooo! Although, she’s had death flags since the first episode and ramming the Azuchi in the Nebula palace was badass. Too bad it killed her.

Mitsu is really an idiot. So his Jeanne played right into Arthur’s hand. It’s also interesting that she is a “trigger” though and now Cesare shot her. I also have the feeling that we are moving toward a “reset.”

Black Bullet, Ep 11

Well, that didn’t go too well. The army failed to stop the Gastrea and the end count is 1000 more gastrea and only 500 civil officers left. You just know that the good guys will win with odds like that.

Rentaro was sentenced to death by the leader of the civil officers though. See there was a bunch of monsters who moved away and almost flanked his group. So he went to deal with them and got punished for it.

His death punishment: go beyond the gastrea zone and kill a stage four gastrea. As a bonus Crazy Clown civil officer is back…You know, the guy who almost killed Rentaro in the early episode and wanted to summon a stage five. Yep, that one.

Knight of Sidonia, Ep 11

That was a slaughter…again.

A big Gauna hive attached itself on a dwarf planet (that’s about moon-sized) and decided to go on a crash collision with Sidonia. They decided to use the planet buster weapon, but the Gauna shot down the missiles, so they sent 48 Gardes with the new weapon from last episode to make sure it hit. The team was divided into two platoons. One was entirely killed, so Midorikawa came up with a new plan: punch a hole in the placenta and send the survivor to kill the master Gauna.

death tolls
The fight isn’t done yet…

Sidonia has a bunch of nice weapons, including a super big Higg particle cannon that drains the ship’s energy. We also learn that the elders have their own ships and they are starting to think that it was wrong to keep the Captain in charge.

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