Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

I put these links together before the Hobby Lobby decision, and I’m sure much will be written about it this week. We’ll start off with Ginsburg’s dissent and then move on to the ladyblogland that was before SCOTUS made us all cry tears of rage.

According to the Supreme Court, a nonhuman corporate entity has the right to religious freedom, but a human woman doesn’t have the right to some reproductive healthcare. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not amused. Mother Jones

According to men’s rights groups, feminism ruined everything. MSNBC

The female spy is sexy, smart, strong, and miraculously able to have a work/life balance that is pretty much impossible for most women. Salon

The FBI has shut down MyRedBook, a social networking sight for sex workers to safely discuss work, safety, and generally build a culture of sex work over which they have control. The Toast

Pride throwback: Mother Jones has an album of pride parades from the the 1980s.

ModCloth, distributer of adorable dresses and those rad retro swimsuits, is telling clothing makers to produce more products for plus-size women that aren’t simply modified circus tents. Business Insider

Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative seeks to improve outcomes for young men of color. Wouldn’t it be better to help these young men unlearn misogyny? XOJane

Black Girl Dangerous on the continued disposability of black girls’ bodies (aside: this is an amazing piece. Please read).

We are angry because this disregard is canonized and has become a fundamental truth in the world. Disregard of Black girls’bodies is why no international attention came until days after the kidnappings and when it did, it supported anti-Black misogyny, known as misogynoir. So-called truths about “Nigerian culture”and “Islamic tradition”were used against Nigerians and against these Black girls’bodies, turning them into a tragic consequence of poorly informed Western idealities of Blackness. These projections mean that people who know nothing about Nigeria and Nigerian societies get to speak for and over actual Nigerians.

Meet Rwanda’s first female pilot! CNN

The role of Latinas in the White House. Bitch Magazine

Elle interviews Roxane Gay on being a bad feminist.

Black glamour before Beyoncé and Lupita Nyong’o. Collectors Weekly

How not to interview a female CEO. New York Magazine

On art, race, and the power of curating Kara Walker’s sugar sphinx. Colorlines

Meet the Pink Helmet Posse, a group of skateboarding girls challenging the male-dominated sport. New York Times

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