Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week’s dispatches has the secret to biking in a skirt without flashing the world.

Clutch Magazine details the most common reactions to telling someone you didn’t quite enjoy that loud whistle while walking down the street.

Skepchick answers your questions about the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision.

Need a gender neutral restroom sign? Sociological Images can help!

Dear Octavia Butler, from the Crunk Feminist Collective.

Via my Tumblr dash: The Mary Sue has merged with Geekosystem and apparently it’s not such a safe place for women anymore.

NFL cheerleaders are suing (and winning) to earn minimum wage. If only they’d get paid as much as male athletes because, you know, cheerleading is a sport (a sport I am very bad at). Slate 

I’m pretty sure we all know this, but actresses are often WAY too young to play moms on the big screen. Vulture

The Daily Dot asked an English teacher to grade PornHub comments. The results will entertain you for five minutes.

Someone shared this on my sister’s Facebook and IT IS GENIUS! Penny in your pants to keep you from flashing your knickers!

Lupita Nyong’o looks gorgeous, as always, on the cover of Vogue, but The Riveter asks if maybe they ran a little too far with the “exotic beauty” trope.

The Toast talks books we hate for no other reason than we hate them.

The Feminist Wire on  the war on women in Huntsville, Alabama.

Kristen Bahler shares letters from transgender women in prison. Bitch Magazine

Finally, a politician admits to having an abortion. XX Factor

The Toast gives voice to psychosis.

What did you read this week?

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