Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses – 2014 Version

People often use “the melting pot” as a metaphor to describe immigrants from all over the world coming together to make America a great and diverse country. Although when I was growing up, I had a creative teacher come up with “fruit salad,” which implied that immigrants retained some elements of their native culture and blended together in a tasty mixture; unfortunately, California also became known as the “granola state,” full of flakes & nuts, but I digress.

However, immigration has become so politicized lately, it’s hard to find any common ground. The Senate was able to put together a bipartisan reform bill, but apparently the House won’t take it up because they’re too busy repealing the ACA or deciding whether or not to sue the President. Still, one would think that all sides could at least come together over the plight of thousands of children fleeing violence in central America. Oh, I know, I’m just an eternal optimist… stop laughing at me!

The nasty, xenophobic reaction by so many politicians and pundits has been appalling, but also ripe for ridicule (starting with the “Go Home Illeagels” signs and protesters swarming a bus at the local YMCA). So in that spirit, we might as well update the iconic poem inscribed at the base of Lady Liberty.


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