How Many Lawsuits Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

Lawyer jokes are low-hanging-fruit — everyone knows at least a few, and it’s easy to make fun of ambulance-chasing caricatures. That said, I do have a favorite lawyer joke: A priest, a rabbi, a nun and a lawyer walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “What is this, some kind of a joke?”

Some of my best friends really are lawyers, and they do everything from defending homeowners against wrongful evictions to the mind-numbingly-dull paperwork on which most small businesses depend. Admission: My father was a small business contract lawyer, and when I was trying to decide whether to go into law or show business, he informed me that while law was a noble profession, “What separates humans from animals is our ability to appreciate art.”  He then added “plus you don’t get applause in court.”

Suffice to say, while I didn’t end up going to law school, I firmly believe in the power of the law to protect people, and I understand the vital role played by lawsuits. However, John Boehner’s threat to sue President Obama for some yet-to-be-specified-disregard-of-something-he-hasn’t-figured-out-yet bears no resemblance to a valid lawsuit; instead, it sounds like when a 10-year-old threatens to run away from home because his parents are so mean, they won’t let him do, uh, whatever it was he wanted to do but forgot.

So this week’s song combines my general understanding of law with the show business career toward which my lawyer father pointed me.

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