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Lunchtime Poll: Punctuation

If I were ever to get a tattoo, I would have a semicolon inked somewhere special (ahem).

I know I don’t always use semicolons properly. I can admit in the quietness of the night that there are times when I have done wrong by the semicolon. But when I think of that beautiful roundness above and the curve below, there’s a flutter in my stomach, my heart races and remember all over again that I love the semicolon.

So tell me, Persephoneers, which is your favourite punctuation mark?

N.B. I do find it rather amusing that I have managed to write this without using a semicolon. But that only goes to reassure me that the semicolon is so wonderful that it shouldn’t be forced into a sentence, but instead used only when the moment is right.

By Juniper

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[Brackets.] They frequently provide additional context, and I’m a sucker for anything which facilitates conversation or comprehension. To top it off, they’re also mathematical symbols! Although when it comes to brackets and math, I prefer {curly brackets}.

If we’re including shorthand-style punctuation as well, the triangle of three dots symbolizing “therefore” is my favourite.

I like the three dots.

The “learning objective” on my daughter’s report card this year was “to make sure every sentence always ends with a full stop.” (Wha?) She, all of six years old, immediately said “But sometimes you need an exclamation mark!”, and I loved her for it. Exclamation marks are ace!

Oh, you had to open this can of worms!

I also love semicolons. I love the em-dash, although it’s rarely used when it should be. I’m pro-comma in all its forms, especially the Oxford. People seem scared of commas sometimes.

I think that ellipses and parentheses are overused and rarely used correctly. For example, ellipses are THREE dots; that’s why one of the other names is “three-dot leader.” As far as parentheses, a lot of things I read seem to have more parenthetical asides than actual text.

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