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News in Europe: There Will Be Sanctions!

It’s all about some pretty tough sanctions this week, so let’s have a look:

The governments of the EU countries and the US have imposed sanctions on Russia that aim to harm the country’s economy for Putin’s decision to support the rebels in Ukraine. Big banks have been cut off from European and US markets, and the weapons and energy markets will not be supplied. Even tougher sanctions could have wide-ranging consequences for other countries’ economies, which shows that it really is all down to the economy if you want to properly hurt someone.

Meanwhile, fighting in Eastern Ukraine has intensified. More than 20 people died on Tuesday, and the Ukrainian prime minister, Arseny Yatseniuk, has resigned his post.

It’s been a busy week for Russia: Investors in former Russian oil company Yukos have been awarded a major financial settlement. This is expensive and embarrassing for Putin, who has been accused of bankrupting the company and jailing its founders in order to silence them politically.

At least the economic recovery in the Eurozone is picking up, yeah! Only poor France’s problems seem far from over.

There is some evidence that Kosovo Albanian leaders trafficked in organs during the 1998-99 war for independence from Serbia.

The Turkish deputy prime minister hates women.

Seville has banned outdoor noise this summer. The grumpy old woman in me applauds quietly.

Good news at last! The geckos sent to have sex in space have been found! Cue innuendo and bad puns.

And I leave you with this Danish guy, who doesn’t compromise on cool.

See you next week!

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