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This Post Wants You to Brag About Yourself

Auntie Selena wants to know all about the cool things you’ve accomplished recently. Learned a new skill? Built a thing? Won an argument? Tell us all about it in the comments.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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No follow-up on the job yet, but I had the best interview I’ve ever had this past friday at a staffing agency. This is important for a few reasons. That agency is the fifth one I’ve been to in a year and a half, the fourth this year, but the first where the agent suggested a position that is actually what I’m looking for in a job and for which I surpass the requirements. During the interview, I was able to freely explain what I want in a job, what I love about former & current jobs, and what I hate about my current jobs.

And that agent is the only interviewer I’ve ever had who complimented my intelligence. “Wow, [department from which I earned my B.A.], you must be very bright.”

I’d love to get the job in question, but I actually feel as though if I don’t get it, the most important thing is the agent knows what environment will lead me to thrive, and is willing to help me be in that environment.

Upon looking at my retail experience, she said, “I tried doing retail once, but I couldn’t handle it.” I’m shocked that I didn’t reply, “I can’t handle it either, and that’s why I’m here.”

I did jump on the opportunity to express my need for a set schedule and routine. As of press time, I called the agent (and had to leave a message since she was in an interview) to ask if I should still be waiting for the employer to contact me (i.e., what time frame should I have), if the position was still available, etc. Sure, this isn’t a guarantee, but it’s by far the best feedback I’ve received.

So . . . I wrote a song! Actually, this is the second song I’ve written with this guy. It started as an idea I had for my ‘Bones’ fanfiction world, where Parker is a rock star and wrote a song for B&B’s 25th wedding anniversary (for a chapter celebrating my own 3rd writing anniversary). I wrote some lyrics and a guy named Kent Bilbrey put them to music for me and I was practically beside myself excited about it. My little world is multi-media, baby! :-)

A couple of weeks ago, Kent came back and said “write me another song” and I did this one and it’s even better!!!! So now I’m just running around like a chicken with her head cut off because I’m so stoked.

I submitted my Residency application and personal statement today. Now all I have to do is wait for my school to upload my letters of recommendation and for my Board scores to be final. I cannot even begin to express how relieved and utterly terrified I am.

I benched 65 pounds!!!!! 6 months ago, I was all, “I’ll never even be able to lift the bar so why try?” In large part due to a high school experience in which I couldn’t even get the bar off my chest and as we all know, weight lifting is not for girls. New goal is 85 pounds.

(Also, I did reverse lunges today carrying an extra 55 pounds on my shoulders. Like it was no big deal. A month ago, just the light barbell made me want to collapse.)

Congrats! I have to admit, I’m super jealous – I started working out pretty hard core in March, and then got in a pretty bad car wreck in June (after being in one in July ’13, too) and am no longer allowed to lift much at all. I’ve been relegated to the elliptical and a few light machines, boo. I could hardly bench at all (I think I was at 45 lbs?) but I could deadlift 195 and squat somewhere in the 150s.
Also, I hate lunges going forward, I can’t imagine backward lunges. Yeesh. You are awesome!!

Oh god, I can’t imagine going back to the cardio side. It’s so boring over there. And the gym tvs are always on ESPN. I’m scared of deadlifts but I can’t wait to learn how!! (And lunges in all forms make me cry. I’d avoid them if I didn’t know that the fact that they are hard means I need to do them more.)

I work out in a crossfit gym, so we don’t have tvs. It’s a dinky old warehouse with lots of free weights and jungle gym type stuff, and not a lot else.
Lunges mostly kill me because I have terrible balance and try to faceplant a lot.
Deadlifting wasn’t terribly difficult. Squats took some work. With deadlifts, it’s all in the thighs and the core. My problem is that I have funky knees that don’t quite face forward and like to randomly bow to the side. Not good when holding lots of weight, hah. Squatting took me a while to grasp that you really don’t move your calves much at all. Weird concept.

I calmly and intentionally gave up on a sewing project that was just getting worse and worse. I know that “giving up” isn’t typically a good thing, but it really beats my previous techniques of “ignoring the project and hoping that one day it just disappears” (surprise: it never does) and “keep working until I’m frustrated to the point of tears.” Instead, I have calmly put aside the project, am viewing it as a learning experience, and moving on to something new. This is very mature of me!

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