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Three Cheers for Marvel: Thor Is Now a Woman

Marvel announced Tuesday on The View (of all places) that in an upcoming comic series, Thor will be deemed unworthy of  Mjolnir (or “mewmew” for any Kat Dennings fans out there), and the power will instead be bestowed on a previously unknown female earthling. The story will launch sometime in October with series writer Jason Aaron still at the helm.


While we should all brace ourselves for the usual cry of, “Political correctness!” let’s give Jason Aaron an extra pat on the back for this awesome statement:

This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR.

Well played, Aaron.

Naturally it should be stated that this will almost certainly not have an impact on the movies in the near future. Chris Hemsworth has not been deposed — he and his biceps will still be gracing your screen for Avengers 2, and more than likely a third Thor movie as well — but a comic series is a great first step.

This also marks another strive toward increased inclusiveness on Marvel’s part. Between Kamala Khan, Miles Morales and now this, it’s nice to see that they are consciously making an effort to branch out and appeal to wider demographics.

Will you be picking up the new comic series? Are you stoked about the change, or concerned?

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I think part of the problem with this and now the announcement that Falcon is going to be the new Captain America is that they’re using characters that newer movie universe fans know and love. So they don’t know that, over the years, Thor has been at least seven different people, and Cap has been not Steve Rogers practically as much as he’s been Steve. And they don’t look at things like Kate Bishop as Hawkeye and see how these things can work, so there’s all kinds of outrage. (If you haven’t read Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, do it. Do it now.)

I personally would prefer if they spent their energy more fully expanding some of the existing women or POC characters, but I’m not going to complain that a comic powerhouse is making a concerted effort to be more diverse.

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