We Try It: Free Books on E-Readers

Sumertime equals reading time at my house. The children are reading for the summer program at our local library as well as keeping track of their time spent reading for school. I try to spend at least a half hour a day reading myself, and on pool days or road trip days, I log more time. 

E-Readers are handy for having a wealth of reading materials at your fingertips if you can remember to download some books before you need them. Enter BookBub. I think I saw a link to on Facebook, and clicked through after several friends recommended it.

The premise is simple; they feature free and bargain e-books everyday for Kindle and a variety of other formats. My favorite feature is the daily email. (I know. Another daily email. But this one is books! Lots of books!). Every afternoon, I get an email with about eight titles listed, and at least two of those are free. If they sound interesting, I will click the link, which takes me straight to 1-Click buying on Amazon. I pick my device, and bam! free ebook downloaded. It’s important to note that this works flawlessly on my iPhone, which is important because that’s where I typically read email.

Setting up an account is free and easy, and, like I said, an email comes daily. The email selects books on my preferred categories. These can be switched up at anytime, so getting a variety of choices is easy. It’s a risk-free way to try new authors, and I’ve found a couple of series I’d like to read more of this way. I have my preferences set to mostly very light, beachy reading right now, but that’s easily changed.

While I leave many emails unread at the end of every day, I always read the BookBub one. Everyday. I’m sure there a many, many sites that offer a similar service. If you’ve got a favorite one, list it in the comments!


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I have had such terrible luck using BookBub. Who knew there were so many terrible books out there. I’ve taken care to read the reviews first, and a lot of the reviewers are downright furious at how bad the books are, and that’s saying a lot for something that didn’t cost them anything but time.

I’m sure I’ll eventually get some good ones out of there, but for the moment I’m using and just reading in my browser.

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