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We Try It: Zoku Classic Pop Moulds

It is hot in Scotland. Obscenely hot. Stupendously hot. Not only are we in double figures, we are in the twenties. I have been in shorts for weeks now. This, Persephoneers, is ice lolly weather. And this is how the Zoku Classic Pop Moulds came to live with us.

They arrived to the sweet sound of knocking on the door in an Amazon box that was several sizes too big. First impression? The Zoku box was small. We have moulds for small lollies and I had a sinking feeling that Zoku had been creative with their advertising. As it happens, it was clever packaging; an element of self-assembly (the lolly sticks — it was all very easy and simple) meant that everything packed down a little smaller than anticipated.

Zoku Popsicle Mould assembled.
The Zoku Mould assembled.

With everything out of the box, my faith was restored. These were good sized moulds (around 100ml). What I wasn’t expecting was for each lolly to have its own mould within the main structure. This is incredibly handy; what’s needed can be taken out of the freezer and what isn’t, can be left. There’s no risk of some lollies defrosting a little then being thrown back in the freezer. There is also no wrestling with an entire mould, which lends itself to frustration, accidents and breaking of things.

Zoku popsicle mould in freezer.
Tucked away in the freezer.

I decided to keep things simple for our first set of lollies and made banana smoothie. A few bananas and some whole milk were thrown in the blender and then went into the moulds. They were left overnight and, come this morning, I figured a banana smoothie lolly pop would make an excellent breakfast. Following the instructions, I removed a lolly in its own little mould, and held the mould under running water from the warm tap for maybe ten to twenty seconds. When it was ready, the mould came away from the lolly without any fuss.

Lolly in a mould.
Lolly in the mould.
Lolly and mould.
Ta da! Lolly out of the mould.

It has to be said, banana smoothie makes for a delightfully delicious lolly. The Zoku popsicle sticks were also surprisingly comfortable to hold. I wasn’t covered in dripping smoothie, either. Given that they were a reasonable price, too? I’m very glad I went for the Zoku moulds. I can see us having a delicious and cool summer, as well as one that’s fuss-free in both making lollies and cleaning up afterwards. The Zoku Classic Pop Moulds are definitely ones that we’ll be recommending to family and friends as the temperature creeps ever higher!

Zoku Classic Pop Moulds at

Zoku Classic Pop Molds at


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Ooo, I’ve been looking for a good popsicle mold! Not just for us (because I found a recipe for roasted strawberry and red wine ‘sicles) but also for the dog. She LOVES frozen things and it would be a good summer way to play behavior games outside! Thanks Juniper!!

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