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Nobunaga the Fool and Knight of Sidonia ended this week. Sidonia‘s ending was much better than Nobunaga. Black Bullet takes a dramatic turn, Captain Earth introduces a new enemy, and Mahouka is still having kids doing magical tournaments and the plot doesn’t move as fast as it should.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep 12

Treachery? Someone almost kills Mari during her waterboard match. That was just low. She can’t compete anymore and I fear that the culprit is Erika, but the water spirit thing suggests it might not be.

The rest of the episode is mostly Tatsuya being awesome calibrating CAD, and more girls falling in love. He even brings Mari to the hospital, so he gets a new member to his harem. Still I want to know who is responsible for the attack and who the bad guys really are.

Captain Earth ep 12

Well, the last planetary gear is an illegal fighter. Even Super Champion even one-shot his opponent. I’m not sure how fun that is exactly for the watchers. There is no suspense. Amarok calls him Bugbear and he doesn’t want to get his current self destroyed. The total opposite of Jin, the singer and the winder speeder.

Amarok does a number on him though. I wonder if Teppei can fight that well when not in his mecha. We even get to see Jin again when he levitates a pipe to hurt (and by hurt I mean kill) his ex-boss.  The dude is apparently immortal. We know immortal people: the planetary gear. This is starting to get funky. There is also something called the Magnus Incident which seems like a boat getting destroyed. We see a few flashbacks related to this, but I really wonder how it relates to everything else.

Nobunaga The Fool ep 24


So Mitsu was the Savior-King. Arthur was a fraud. Nobu was really the Destroyer-King, but Jeanne sort of controlled his destruction.

Weird ending. Although it both made perfect sense and no sense at all. I really liked the Nobu/Jeanne stuff there at the end, even if it was a bit out of nowhere.

Black Bullet ep 12

Rentaro teams up with the Clown dude to easily defeat the mercury-spouting monster. With one punch to be precise, well, one punch each. He then gets promoted to leader of everyone because he is the highest civil officer left alive. The last Commander died but left his initiator alive. That’s a good thing because Shouma lost his cat-like initiator.

The BIG bad, Aldeberan is huge

The team finally forms a plan to take down Aldebaran, but there is a traitor around to screw it up. Sometimes I wonder why people are so stupid. I’m talking about the traitors, they are ready to let Tokyo be destroyed just for revenge.

Knight of Sidonia ep 12

The end…nooooooo. Although, it did say “to be continued,” so we are getting a second season. Yeah!

The last fight was awesome. With ten survivors on 48 Gardes, the Sidonia will need to force people into service soon. Izana wasn’t useless either. Well, not totally useless.

Tanikaze is so much a shounen protagonist though: I love everyone in Sidonia and I want everyone to be happy, even jerk Kunato. At least Kunato cried…

The ending has this awesome shot though:

New Gauna preview
New Gauna preview for next season.

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