Weekly Anime Review

The summer anime season is almost upon us. I actually started one new show called Argevollen, but the rest is coming next week. This week was the finale for Black Bullet, but Captain Earth and Mahouka are staying for a few more weeks.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep 13

So Ice Break Pillar is a fashion show. So funny. Too bad we never see what the guys look like when they play it. The girls went from kimonos to Tuxedo Mask outfits. It’s all about following the girls and Tatsuya in Mahouka, to the point where the guys are jealous of their success. I’m ready to bet that the novels aren’t that one-sided.

We also got a bit more info on the siblings. Seems like Tatsuaya’s aunt doesn’t want people to know he is related to her. He is also planning to overthrow her in the long-term. I’m not sure I get it though, from what I understand, his sister is the heir to his aunt’s seat. I think some pieces are  missing here.

There was also a section about the Third High School and the criminals. Seems like there is a betting ring on the competition, and the bookmakers don’t want First High to win because otherwise they lose a lot of money. This means the criminals are helping Third High without the kids being aware of it. It’s also weird that this school has two first years as strategists. They guessed that an engineer is helping First High a lot too. Watch out, Tatsuya.

Captain Earth ep 13

Baku, nooooooooooo!

The reason why there was some immortal people was because he actually saved everyone in his best friend/lover’s family after their ship blew up. (Might I add that she blew up the ship herself?) The girl couldn’t stand her dad’s business in human trafficking. Bugbear’s singularity is to recreate stuff, but it’s more of a perfect illusion than actually bringing something back to life. He was all devastated when the illusion broke.

Moco kissed him too, so now he is a mad Bugbear that has nothing left to protect and who wants to die. I’m starting to think that only Jin, Moco and Amarok aren’t salvageable, the rest will come around and join Albion/Teppei.

Black Bullet ep 13

So the killing of Aldebaran was just to get ride of Rentaro’s sempai. The real point of this episode is that the Tendo are evil and Kisara is going to become evil to take them down. Kisara just wants to kill all her family because they killed her parents. She started with one of her brothers, who happens to be a minister in the government. He was also the one who made a certain pillar less durable…

Kisara: I'm evil speech
With those eyes, I believe you

It was the last episode and I’m not sure what to think really. This needs more episodes.

Argevollen ep 01 (crunchyroll)

A new offering for the summer, a military mecha show that is not in space, and where all the mecha except the title one look butt-ugly, kind of like Mechwarriors, actually. Well, if Mechwarriors had jumping spiders mecha. I kind of liked them.

We have two countries that don’t like each other. Both side are ruled by asshole leaders, some secret group made a super mecha, and we can already tell where Squad 8, our protagonists, are going at this point. I feel like I already watched this. At least it’s not in space.

The Argevollen
The Argevollen just woke up, that explain the pose I’m sure.

This was a very standard military mecha episode with nice animation, no annoying characters, although I don’t think I remember a single name, either. Lots of characters around. I’ll give it a few more episodes and see if it sticks.

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