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The summer season has started, which brings us two more shows, one is another mecha that has war drama all written over it and the other is Sword Art Online that returns for a second round. Mahouka continues on with the magical competition and Captain Earth ramps up the romance drama.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 14

Miyuki destroyed Shizuru in Pillar Break. Seems like the little sister keeps more of her power to herself and only unleashes Niflheim when she wants to make people look like crap. I like Shizuru though, so I wasn’t too happy with the win.

The Monolith Code team got attacked illegaly by the criminals who really don’t want First Hight to win. This means Tatsuya was ordered to make a new team. Juumonji can make Tatsuya do anything. That new team is made of Weeds. Someone is not going to like it.

We also got some background on the two Third High prodigy. One is a genius magician and the other has war experience like Tatsuya.

As a bonus, someone might have put two and two together and linked Tatsuya to Taurus Silver.

Captain Earth, Ep 14

What a weird episode. It started with Akira, who wanted to go on vacation, and ended with Hana blowing up an asteroid sent on collision course with Blume’s beam weapon.

Moco and Amarok are starting to get tired of Kube and Globe’s attack team. They decided to destroy both with a really big stone from space: the Legacy satellite that belongs to Macbeth Enterprise. They almost succeeded. On her side, Akira is trying to get Hana and the Captain together but there is a little problem. Hana has big issues with what she is. Like, “I can’t be with you and I was thinking of killing you” issues. There is also a new earth engine on the work. I guess it’s going to be Akira’s mecha.

Argevollen, Ep 02

The Captain of the squad can only say, “We are leaving.” He doesn’t talk much, does he? All dark and mysterious. Reminds me of Last Exile.

Sumumu, the main character so far, acquired a new mecha that only he can pilot…and he sucks at it. Well, until the ending, of course.

The episode was a bit slow, despite all the unanswered questions. Actually, it might feel slow because of all the questions.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 01 (crunchyroll)

This is a Urobochi anime and I’m so sticking with it. That ending all about crushing people’s hope.

It is another mecha anime, with evil space empires and good underdog humans, but the first episode was full of lore and information to make it special.

The space empire is divided into a bunch of Knights who actually don’t like each other much. Some live on Mars, and others around Earth, but now the one in orbit decided to land. It’s way too evident that what caused them to land was a setup.

A still image from Aldnoah Zero ep 01
Space Castle, I want one!

On the human side, we got a bunch of kids who are trained to use mecha. One of the main character is super apathetic, which is kind of interesting. He’s probably special.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 01 (crunchyroll)

This first episode had a lot of explosion of the first season, but also the setup of this new season. There is a new game called GGO (Gun Gale Online) that is based on the same crap software from the first season and people are again dying. Although this time they are getting killed by someone with the charming name of Death Gun (in engrish).

We get to see Kirito and Asuna again. I find it a little creepy that they refer to themselves by their game names. Actually, Asuna seems to be suffering mentally — wondering what is real and what is now.

The episode had quite a bit of MMO gamer tropes. I think I like this series just for that.

A still image from Sword Art Online II ep 01
The episode spend abnormal time on this security camera.

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