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I’m really liking the new shows I picked for the summer season. Aldnoah Zero is so far building up to be awesome in all aspects. Sword Art Online continues to be an awesome critique of online gaming. Argevollen might be the weak link, but it is still building, though much more slowly than did Aldnoah. I also added Re: Hamatora even though I originally forgot that the new season was starting, I’m wondering where the plot is going.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 15

We finally get an explanation for Erika’s antagonist views on Mari: she has a brother complex and her brother is Mari’s boyfriend. It was Miyuki who mentioned it, which resulted in a “you shouldn’t be the one to say that” response.

Beside that, we get to see the First High Monolith match in which the gang wins all their matches with careful planning. We also see a Third High Match were the Crimsom Prince levels his opposition all alone. It’s like the other members of his team are useless.

Third High is planning everything to take down Tatsuaya in the final, but Tatsuaya knows it, so he probably has something planned. Should be interesting.

Captain Earth, Ep 15

Puck takes over Kube’s body by using the tech that was made from Sky and Sirene. I’m starting to think that he is playing both sides and that he will be the final villain once Amara and Malkin are dealt with.

Speaking of Sirene, she is awakened, but she doesn’t sound truly evil. Her squirrel disappears, though, which is strange. Apparently Anna, well Blume, was built with part of the royal family. She might actually be Sirene’s daughter.

The Blossom
The Blossom. With a name like that you know its ray is pink

Yes, Anna is a freaking spaceship. She also now moves into “No more Miss Nice Girl” mode. She calls her livlaster, it’s called the Blossom. She can not only call it, she can also control its beam. Hana the airhead is now Hana the badass.

Argevollen, Ep 03

I almost want to do a “Run Forest! Run!” joke. Almost.

The Gate of No Retreat is called that because it is actually the only retreat path for the Arandas army. It goes through a canyon and the cliffs are too high to get an army across them. The trick is to blow up the cliff side to stop the invaders from getting to the real part of the country. It’s going to take them two to three weeks to clear out the path.

Of course, Independent Unit 8 are the people selected to do this dirty job. It also means our MC did something stupid. He saves his ass by running like Forest Gump. He meets up with the Ace of the Iglamian army, Susumu is a crappy pilot. The secret Intelligence of the Ilgamian army don’t seem too nice, either. I’m wondering if the whole thing won’t end with a merger of two factions against the two countries at war.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 02

I think this is called getting hit by a blitz. You know, when you just end up destroyed after like five seconds of playing. Yeah, that.

The Martians are just overpowered. Although, going by how they didn’t do that well the last time and that there was actually a war, there must be something else going on.

The princess is not dead. It was a double that got killed. She now has short brown hair and seems to know how to fight. Martian side main character, Slaine, isn’t such a fan of killing Terrans. That’s good news, I guess. Especially when Earth’s main character is inexpressive all the time.

Martian cataphract
That’s a martian cataphract. They all look like bugs, when they should be armored horses…

We even get a confirmation that the people who made the assassination attempts were working for some of the Knights. There was one survivor though. The show really doesn’t want you to like the bad guys either. Gosh.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 02

This episode was somewhat amusing. GGO online is a full PvP game, but it also has PvE content. The game has both PvP and PvE players. Like any game of this type, it means that PvP players make ganking groups to hunt down PvE players who aren’t armed or skilled to fight them.

And of course, as soon as such a group hires a bodyguard, they chicken out. That is so true to real life. Although, Sinon is different. She is a badass and she doesn’t play by that rule. I’m not such a fan of GGO, though modern MMOs are not my thing at all. Also, why was another girl needed exactly? This show lacks guys. The main character already has a girlfriend. He doesn’t need a harem.

Re: Hamatora, Ep 01

The episode begins by reminding everyone that Nice died at the end of the last season. Something is weird though because it says he died at the hospital and nobody mentioned Art.

The episode then gets weird with an idol with lighting speed powers leading a bunch of girls around because he can’t choose one and the girls talking about deals. One of them wants him dead. So she hires people who hate him to beat him up. This results in Hajime (who replaced Nice in the dude) fighting them.

The get overwhelmed and Nice shows up. Apparently, everyone knew he wasn’t dead. He disguised himself has the first season tiger mascot. He also seems to have gotten a power up, as in he got the power Moral had at the end on top of his other power. And Art is the new bad guy. Aaarggh!

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