Weekly Anime Review

We got nice action this week in Adlnoah Zero, Sword Art Online II, Re:Hamatora, and Mahouka. In contrast, Captain Earth and Argevollen were slow and somewhat boring. After this week, Aldnoah Zero is quickly becoming my favorite show due to its beauty and fabulous plot.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  ep 16

First High weeds pwns Third High elites, but at the cost of one eardrum for Tatsuya. He also has to use his regeneration skills because Ichigo over uses his spell past regulation, which almost gets him killed.

Tatsuya takes him down by snapping his fingers, which is sort of boss. We also learn that he is a lab rat for the military and that there is only one other person in Japan with the same self-regenerating ability has him. While there is only one other in Japan, there are 50 world wide. I suspect this will be important later.

Mikihiko and Leo were awesome, too. Leo can actually take a full blast from Ichigo and stand up a bit later without many issues.

Captain Earth ep 16

We now know the secret mission of the Midsummer Knights: destroy Oberon. That’s the Kiltgang ship, far away, around Saturn. Siren is also brought up to date, along with the other planetary gear, about Ablion’s whereabouts. Looks like she and Bugbear will be turncoats.

We also get death flags for Hana. She even gets to fly her own mecha: Flare Engine. The fight is weird; Ai against Hana is just big cannons against big cannons, which isn’t really exciting. It does seem like Hana has premonition powers, which could be useful if she learns how to use them. We also observe Siren wondering where someone went. I don’t remember if it’s her singularity squirrel, though.

Argevollen ep 04

This is a slow episode. I’m also surprised to see that people have normal houses and cellphones. I expected something a little more low tech after seeing the military equipments.

Jamie’s company is fishy. They are also forcing her to stay with the squad to boot up the Argevollen. I think the captain is aware of the fishiness. This should be interested on the long-term.

Susumu’s teammates were not exactly happy that he doesn’t follow orders. But that allows us to learn more about the captain.

Looks like something happened eight years ago that forced him to stay at the bottom of the food chain. Going by some other scenes, it looks like Susumu’s sister was killed in these events. This should result in an interesting clash later on.

Aldnoah  Zero ep 03

Inaho is a real brain. He deduces that the Martian cataphracts need a hole in their barrier, otherwise they won’t be able to see anything. It’s the transmitter for the eye-camera. This mean that they brought the Nikoleas into the water to find it and Inaho disables it with a tiny knife.

Terran vs Nikoleas
All it took was a tiny knife…

We also saw the big princess reveal. She even participates in the mission and is totally smiling when Trilliam is downed. We get an amphibious ship with a lady Captain and her XO. That should be interesting.

The best though was Slaine killing Trilliam. One less idiot around, and now Slaine knows that the members of the Ver Empire tried to kill the princess.

Sword Art Online II ep 03

So Shinon, Sinon’s real world life name, is afraid of guns. She has panic attacks in the real world when she sees one. She has no issues while in the game. Her panic attacks are triggered by a childhood memory in which a guy tried to rob a post office and she ended up killing him with his own gun.

She’s a born shooter. Just like Kirito is a born swordman. She wants to win the next BoB: Ballets of Bullet. That’s GGO official one-on-one PvP tournament. I’m not sure how a sniper wins that, though.

Kid Shinon holding a gun
Shinon already working on her mad skills with a gun.

Looks like she is Death Gun’s next target, unless he is that dude who introduced her to GGO in the first place. He is so totally in love with her.

Re: Hamatora ep 02

Art is stealing people’s powers to cleanse them of their sins. He’s totally not with it. Poor Art. He needs a hug.

We learn a bit more about Facultas. Apparently, they don’t like it when a Minimum Holder refuses their offer to join. They call them “stray.” This mean there is an underground group of minimum holders. They call themselves Freenums. Chiyuu is a member. Radio and Birthday think they are stupid.

Art attacks the Academy and cleanses everyone of their sins. Nice doesn’t get it and he still think of Art as if he was a friend despite Art shooting two bullets into him three months ago. At least everyone knows Art is “rogue” at this point.

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