Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

What can I say about this week other than it was electric?

Here’s Janelle Monáe’s new video from her album Electric Lady: 

A reading list from people who wish to discuss Nicki Minaj’s butt:

Peter Capaldi may be telling Moffat to stuff it when it comes to some things on Doctor Who. The Daily Dot

Facts about Neil deGrasse Tyson. The Rumpus

On wishing you hadn’t written so much about sex. The Frisky

When efforts to empower girls go wrong. Sociological Images

Having worked on a few of these campaigns myself, I am curious: Does girl power advertising do any good? Bitch Magazine

Did you know that women still aren’t allowed to compete in the Tour de France? The Frisky 

Michelle Goldberg wrote something that many trans women in our little community found to be bullshit. The New Yorker

Those 30 under 30 websites are kind of depressing, right? The Riveter

This is an excellent link on gender neutral clothing. Colorlines

Rookie‘s advice interview with Stephen Colbert.

There are a lot of reasons to love Under Armour’s new ad featuring Misty Copeland, the most important of which is that I wish I never quit ballet.

Wired tells us a little bit about women in tech.

A mysterious woman in black is walking across the U.S. BBC

A profile of Dr. Willie Parker, who operates the only remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi. Esquire

Roxane Gay on being racially profiled.

What did you read?

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So, I totally love the idea of custom made suits, but can we please have an economical option? When will Target start selling stuff I want to wear?

Also: I really hate the term “masculine women.” Absence of femininity rituals (makeup, dresses etc) is NOT MASCULINE. That reinforces a gender binary which suggests that women are weird or “mannish” if they prefer suits to skirts. Why can’t we all just wear what we want without reproach?

(to be clear: I have no problem with women who DO like makeup etc, I even wear it sometimes, but saying a woman who shuns that is “masculine” is total garbage.)

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