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It’s an OT Birthday Party!!!

It’s my birthday this weekend. You know what that means?


I plan on spending the weekend out of town, making myself more colorful (new tattoo), sleeping in, and most importantly, not being at work.

What are your plans, Persephoneers?

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I inherited a Weber smoker from my brother, and had my inaugural run with it yesterday. I smelled like Eau de Liquid Smoke, but ended up with enough applewood smoked country ribs to feed six people. Which is somewhat amusing, since there are only two of us. I made my friend take some, and I think I may never eat again.

Birthday weekends are the best! Happy Birthday!

This weekend I’m going to Shakespeare in the Park (it’s As You Like It tonight), planning a drag show w/ a local LGBTQ group, going to my friend’s son’s birthday party, and seeing my very favorite local musicians play on Sunday night (Ryan Johnson and The Dreams and they are legit good outside of a local sense, so do look them up.) Full, fun weekend, so I’d really like it if I physically felt better!

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