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Let’s All Flail About Doctor Who: Episode 8×01, “Deep Breath”

It’s back! Finally! (Spoilers, sweetie!)

Did you love Peter Capaldi’s version of the Doctor? Still reserving judgement? Hit the comments and tell us what you thought about the first episode of series eight.

Peter Capaldi as the Twelth Doctor

By [E] Hillary

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16 replies on “Let’s All Flail About Doctor Who: Episode 8×01, “Deep Breath””

The first half hour was pretty “meh” except for the Strax parts (Jenny and Vastra get too “traditional contentious relationship” for me sometimes. Seriously Moffat, with lesbians AND het couples, there isn’t always one misogynist in the relationship).

When the Doctor and Clara met at the restaurant, the acting turned fantastic and the next half hour/forty minutes or so had my attention. The last ten minutes were awkward again, as if they’d filmed it earlier than the middle footage (something I’m sure is quite possible). The dinosaur was, yet again, another random “mind-blowing” thing that was purely spectacle and had nothing to do with the actual episode.
The last episode with Matt Smith annoyed me. I hate long protracted goodbyes, and it was basically 40 minutes of WOE IS ME I AM LEAVING BOO HOO. So when he got another long goodbye conversation at the end of this episode, I wanted to chuck something at the screen. No offense to Matt (I loved him), but just GO AWAY ALREADY. I thought that the hand-grabbing when Clara is about to be tortured was a perfect call-back to the first episode of the reboot, and that’s where she accepted he was the Doctor. That’s all the episode needed. The last ten minutes were just eye roll-worthy for me.

I got like that when they changed the interior of the TARDIS when Matt Smith took over. Though I liked his second TARDIS interior, which is really similar to the one right now. I also got twitchy about the logo font changes, of all things. Still better than the logo the Seventh Doctor had! haha

I freely admit that in a Weeping Angel situation, I would be SO screwed. My plan is to just close my eyes and hope I end up someplace where I’ll be found by a really cute farmer who doesn’t care about my crazy time-travelliness. Or a Scotsman…Scotsmen are cool!

Ok, now that I’ve watched, some hopefully coherent thoughts:

*I was VERY nervous at the beginning with the confused Doctor schtick; glad they took care of that by the end.
*Loved the nods to earlier Doctors, like the jokes about the scarf and the round things on the wall of the TARDIS.
*Can’t wait until they answer the “Why did I choose this face?” question, and glad they acknowledged that Capaldi already has a place in the Whoniverse.
*Dear god I love Vastra, Jenny, and especially Strax.
*That dinosaur was WAY fucking bigger than any actual theropods we know about. Like, ridiculously so. The clock face on Big Ben is 50+ meters up; Spinosaurus was maybe 5-6 meters tall (and that wasn’t a Spinosaurus). Moffat just wanted the visual, and the jokes about the Doctor speaking dinosaur. Which were both cool, but oy. (Yes, I just looked those numbers up on Wikipedia.)
*The phone call! *creys*
*Curious about the lady at the end. I hope the season storyline doesn’t end up being dumb.

I think I’m gonna like Twelve!

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