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Lunchtime Poll: Let’s Talk About Jobs

I’m starting a new job today. I’m a little terrified. 

Help me fight the inevitable nerves with stories about your jobs. Your best jobs, your worst jobs, your jobs with the very best stories.

My best job: This one, but it pays in unicorns and delusions of grandeur.

My worst job: Cashier at a terrible wing joint. I only made it three days. They charged us $40 each for our (3) required polo shirts, which was even more ridiculously expensive in 1992, so my first paycheck was negative $10. I never went back.

My best job story: While I was freelancing, a fella tried to hire me to write him a dirty story, in real time (over MSN messenger), using only Comic Sans, in pink. The job description asked for an adventure story about a powerful lady spy. The actual story he wanted was actually much, much different. I have no problem with folks hiring out for a little friendly fetish time, but one should probably be up front about that sort of thing.

Now tell me yours!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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You got this, O Powerful Unicorn Leader!

Best job was working at the library. Because I worked at a library and my whole job was to recommend books to young adult readers. Worst job was working at one of our town’s two Mexican restaurants. (I also worked at the other one simultaneously, but that is beside the point.) I often walked out with less than $30 in tips after 6 hours of work, and decided “fuck this.”

Best work story: Probably when I was working at Texas Roadhouse and I was asked to be the newest wife in a polygamous family ON THE SAME NIGHT I was asked to visit and perhaps join the local nudist colony at a different table. That was a weird Memorial Day.

You can do it!

Worst was my month at H&M I think, cleaning up after everyone. Or not even a job, but an interview for one at a call center, cold calling. “Lie”, she told me during a roleplay. “Tell me the earth circles the moon if it will help you make a sale.”

You’ll rock it.

My best/worst job is the same one. I was a manufacturing recruiter for 11 years. The best part is I helped a LOT of people. I found jobs for people who had no experience, too much experience, skills, no skills, about to lose their homes or already in the shelter. I loved it. I worked for two different agencies. The first was a franchise which went independent. I should have never left but I did for a huge pay raise and the chance to work on more difficult placements. The environment was so toxic that I ended up with a severe anxiety disorder.

I learned my limits. I learned money is awesome but happiness is better.

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