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Lunchtime Poll: Spuffy or Bangel?

At the most random times I think about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Of course, Buffy is a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone, but if we’re talking about Buffy and a boyfriend: Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Spike?

(As usual, we will try to ignore Riley.)

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Buffy by herself; alternately, Buffy as a sister-mom to Dawn.

Her relationship with Angel was seriously limited because, while each of them WANTED to have the sex, they couldn’t without him going evil. And, while that makes for good TV, it makes for a bad relationship. With Spike? She only gave him the time of day when she needed something from him, and treated him like shit. AND THEN THERE WAS THE ALMOST-RAPE, WTF SHOW.

At least with Dawn she was acting like a normal older sibling/mother figure. She wasn’t afraid of and didn’t mistreat Dawn.

I actually liked both of the relationships because Buffy was a very different person with each guy (and from beginning of the show to the end- lots of character growth), but I can identify more with later Buffy, so I like Spuffy more. Plus Spike. I liked him from day one. He’s just so ridiculous.

I have strong feelings about Buffy ending up alone. Because Angel is boring, and Spike…..I adore him, but I feel their relationship has significant issues that they’re just never going to get past.

But mostly because Angel is boring. I would like to have an evening with Spike in which all we do is talk about how boring Angel is.

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