News in Asia is Very Linky

Quick links this week!

Secretary of State John Kerry is in India meeting the most recently elected prime minister ahead of an official visit to Washington.

Said Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Nepal, the first Indian PM to do so in 17 years, in order to promote cooperation in hydropower.

Thailand and the Philippines are joining forces to get their workers out of Libya.

In a story that would be perfect for The Onion, 40 men in ape suits tried to scare away the real monkeys who have become a real threat and nuisance outside the Parliament House in New Delhi.

A gas leak in Taipei, Taiwan lead to several explosions, killing 25 people.

The imam of China’s largest mosque was killed on Wednesday.

Also there was a deadly quake in Southwest China.

The Chinese courts have agreed to hear a case against gay conversion therapy.

Since tensions in the area of the South China Sea have been rising, Japan has given Vietnam six naval ships, along with training and equipment.

Drug-resistant malaria is spreading in Southeast Asia.

The U.S. has outspent the Marshall Plan in aid to Afghanistan.

Germany announced it was spending 1 million Euros for immediate aid for Northwest Pakistan.


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