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News in Europe: Convoying the Message

Greetings, unicorns of the West, from Poland! It’s cloudy and humid, harvest season has begun, and since we’re a bit closer to the conflict, the news about Ukraine sounds a lot more worrying.

Russia has sent a 280-truck-strong convoy of humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine. Kiev has already announced it will not let any of the trucks through, and that the contents will have to be checked and reloaded unto its own trucks. It all sounds a bit Trojan Horse to me, but there’s a real fear that Putin is using the convoy to supply pro-Russian rebels rather than Ukrainian civilians.

Meanwhile, the population of Luhansk has halved since the fighting started in April, and thousands are fleeing the region in Eastern Ukraine.

Whoever thought Putin was out of supporters has obviously not reckoned with… Steven Seagal. And that’s not all. Mickey Rourke seems to be a fan, too.

There are other countries in that area, too, and look what’s happening here! Azerbaijan’s president is threatening war with Armenia via Twitter. Putin is now mediating. There will be convoys soon, I’m guessing.

Either there’s a propaganda war on, and we’re only being told the strange news, or France is a very odd place indeed. And antisemitic. And tasteless. But unfortunately, it looks like this is only part of a bigger problem.

In Turkey, outgoing Prime Minister Erdogan is now President Erdogan. This story sounds all kinds of familiar *cough* Putin *cough*, so let’s keep an eye on that.

In Italy, the first anti-corruption class for public officials has been set up.

And finally, two science-y news items:

Europe’s last ESA freighter has reached the International Space Station. From now on, only the US and Russia will supply the ISS while the European Space Agency will focus on building for NASA.

Archaeologists have uncovered one of the biggest ancient Greek tombs.

That’s it for this week. The sun has come out, so I’ll go and frolic in the Polish countryside for a bit. See you next week!


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