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This Weekend Open Thread is an Adult

House cleaning! Yay!

I got a Groupon for a 4-hour apartment cleaning, and then while I was booking it I added on an extra so they’d clean inside my cabinets. I’m really, really excited. So much so that I scheduled it for 7:00 Saturday morning because it was the first available appointment this weekend and I didn’t want to wait any longer than that.

I guess this is one of those things grown-ups get excited about.

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I am jealous of your cleaning staff! Even if it’s only for one day. That must be lovely. :)

My adult thing this week/weekend was getting all my residency application stuff done and turned in because I finally found out that I PASSED MY BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sorry, I’m still over here all *sqweeee* because long ass computerized standardized testing sucks and I suck at it. And when I’m finally off work next weekend, I’m going to go home a celebrate it the right way :)

Probably breaking up with a few acquaintances who used to be friends, which is fine with me because frankly I’m too old and mature to be wasting my time with immature people who believe the incredibly insensitive non-sequitur “think organic food is expensive? so is cancer” is thought-provoking.

And let’s not get me started on “we should totally hang out! I won’t invite you to anything though, and when I see you again in three or four months, I’ll pretend I missed you!”. I’ve recently realized I need to rekindle the friendships I appreciated and allow the new ones to grow so I don’t have to cling to the tattered remains of toxic friendships.

I’m being a grown-up and paying full price for shoes that are quality and comfortable when I get them instead of going discount/sale, finding shoes that almost fit, hoping they’ll become more comfortable, and then never wearing them because they don’t become more comfortable. I’m also hoping to patronize a local shoe store, but my feet are pretty small…I may have to end up online just to find Dansko’s, etc in my size.

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