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This Weekend Open Thread is Chillaxing

Summer is almost over. Let’s relax a bit before we can’t anymore.

I’ve got about a week and a half before classes start. Yikes. It feels like I just started my break. I mean, to be fair, since I took summer classes, my break has only been a few weeks, but it’s still flying by.

I’m headed for the beach this week, as one last hurrah of vacation before it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone. What are you guys up to?

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I’m having a girls’ weekend with my college roommate. Italian food and wine and blowouts and wine and dog parks and wine and pastries and coffee and Outlander and wine and crepes with wine sauce and before I head out this morning we’re going to watch doctor who!

So much wine.

Funny story…..there was a lot of wine, and I fell asleep during Outlander? What I remember is that it was very beautiful, all windswept and shocking colors and THAT BLUE COAT. I do plan to catch the episode again, though, when it’s not 1 am after a long day of work and drinking and Italian food.

I seem to remember not liking the voiceover. For some reason, I think there was a lot of telling instead of showing. But that may just be first episode/trying to establish backstory problems.

I wasn’t so much a fan of the voiceover either, and I thought the “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ” was forced. Also that Dougal, at least, was cast too old. But I was really pleasantly surprised by it, for the most part, and yay third episode tomorrow (for me).
Also Catriona Balfe (Claire) is Irish, so: represent.

Just finished up my first yard sale ever (really), and I sold $26 worth of stuff and met a few neighbors. That’s extra important, because I’ve lived here over seven years and up until today I knew the names of three people on my entire street.

But the best part is, I thought I’d show off some of the jewelry I’ve made at its own separate table. I decided beforehand to not put the pricier stuff on display, since my potential customers are thinking yard sale prices, and I actually worked a small outdoor craft show earlier this year that was flanked by yard sales — we merchants were all affected by people expecting cheap crap as opposed to artisan goods. Anyhoo, I sold a few things and finally made a profit! Previously, the best I ever did at a show was break even to cover vending costs.

There’s still a lot of stuff left over from the yard sale though. But hey, I’m not as terrified for the next time.


Children and cat have been sleeping and behaving themselves, and I got to watch the WHOLE Doctor Who episode uninterrupted! It was amazing! Fantastic! Incredible! A little gross! A lot gross! Sentimental! Poignant! Scary! Funny! Romantic! Cutesy! AMAAAAAZING!

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