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True Blood on Etsy: Your Guide to Swag

“Technology’s taken all the fun out of being a vampire. ”

With the series finale of True Blood coming up in a few short weeks, we will all soon be suffering from an ASkars-sized hole in our hearts. Sure, you could comfort yourself with reruns of season 4. Or you soothe the pain with retail therapy from our friends over at Etsy.

True Blood Recycled Book Purse — Made from a copy of Dead Ever After! By NovelCreations, $55.00

Purse made from recycled book.

True Blood Luminary — now with more naked male torsos! By CherylsCreativeBlock, $15.99

Luminary made out of screenshots from True Blood.

Cult TV Postcard — Sookie as the Ace of Cups by MaiafirePrints, $3.28

Illustration of Sookie as Ace of Cups

Fangtasia Mug — For drinking your True Blood with class. By Stickmen, $12.99

Fangtasia Mug

True Blood Custom Glitter Bottles — Well, it’s not synthetic blood, but soda works too. By Bottlesparkle, $24.99

Glittery Bottles of True Blood

Peg People — Sookie, Eric, and Bill.  By vhrphotography, $34.70.

Peg people

The Trubie True Blood Tutu Dress — For the toddler fan set. OK, mostly I was just really taken by how stinking cute this was. By WildHeartsBoutique, $65.00

Tutu dress

Eat Your Heart Out Print — by lesliebot, $10.00

Watercolor print

Woodblock Print — Franklin can type really fast. By guptillc, $30.00

Woodblock print

True Blood Soap — Pictured is “Jason,” scented ocean rain and pink sugar. There’s also “Sookie,” “Lafayette,” “Alcide,” “Andy,” and “Hoyt.” By pinxasliceofsudz, $6.50.

Blue soap pieces

Punk Bill Compton Doll  — Remember that time Bill was punk? It was about as adorable as this doll is. By chubbyninjacrafts, $20.00

punk bill

True Blood Custom Nail Polishes — Pictured is “Tara,” a pretty shimmery pink and purple. By MyTrueLoveMTL, $6.11.

TB Tara Nailpolish

By [E] Slay Belle

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