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Mahouka and Captain Earth are trotting slowly toward a conclusion, although it’s a bit unclear where both are going. Argevollen is still going too slowly plot-wise. It’s not a bad show, it just lacks “oomph” in term of direction. Aldnoah Zero and Sword Art Online II are the most awesome shows currently and Re Hamatora makes me cry every time I watch it because I don’t want Art to be a bad guy.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 17

Jeez, the triad group that wanted First High to fail because they didn’t want to lose 100 million U.S. dollars went a bit hardcore here. Tatsuya wasn’t too happy when they decided to sabotage the CAD for Mirage Bat though, because someone in the air losing control is almost a sure death.

This means he found the guy responsible and wanted to kick his ass. That didn’t happen, but it still resulted in his sister getting to use the flying CAD sequence in her match, because she wanted to. Everyone went, but that was made public only last month. And after the first match all the other schools knew it, but without practice you tire fast.

Next episode should be Tatsuya going to say “hello” to those bad guys. I wonder who he’s going to bring along this time.

Captain Earth, Ep 17

Salty Dog sent a new inspector to “harvest” Anna. They also made new impacters, which were taken over by Malkin in a few minutes. Akira was able to take control back, but they still damaged Nebula and the Earth engines.

This time there were two Kiltgangs. Zimbalt joined Malkin into space, going all trippy. He is another big cannon guy. Because of Malkin’s hacking, Akira was able to take over their “robot” shape; unfortunately destroying the ego block didn’t work. It can only be destroyed by its own will right now.

Zimbalt and Malkin Kiltgangs
Zimbalt and Malkin Or Jin and Mako, that is the question

We also learned that the Kiltgang were once mortal. I wonder what the backstory is here.

Argevollen, Ep 05

These episodes are too slow, but besides that, this one was interesting. It explored a bit of Susumu and Jamie’s feelings. Sorta. That “Do you love me?” was really blunt.

For some strange reasons, it appears that both countries have a leader called Junios. I’m starting to have “big brother” feelings here. The rest are just soldiers being soldiers. We also learned a bit more about Susumu’s sister’s death. It’s really related to Samonji’s past, now the question is what happened. I also get the feeling someone wants everyone in independent Unit 8 dead.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 04

Slaine went back to the orbital castle and discovered that Crutheo is just like the others. He is using the death of the Princess to conquer the Earth. He is unsure of what he should be doing now.

Only Inaho and Rayet know about the princess. We are also told that they expect assassins among the Terrans who are working for the Martians. I’m starting to feel like there might be a double cross going on. Rayet isn’t too happy right now. I can understand that, everyone wants her dead at this point.

We meet a new Knight and Inaho almost defeated him with his two other teammates: two mecha and a crane. Last minute plan. It seems like Inaho’s main asset is that he is a brain and can understand the Martian cataphracts power really fast. This one had a lightsaber katana, but he wasn’t fully destroyed.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 04

Trap Kirito is rather cute. He converted his SOA/ALO account and ended up with a super rare model and his former stats (mostly strength and speed). At first, he thought he was a girl. Most players think he is, too. Poor Kirito. Sinon is going to be pissed off that he is not. She was so happy to see another female player. She was his helper to learn the game on day one. He most have sounded totally crazy by wanting to join BoB on his first day, too.

He ended up in the game with almost no money so he asked Sinon how fast he could make money. He ended up doing a game where if you can dodge bullets and touch the robot-gunman, you win the jackpot. Of course, he won the jackpot. Lots of money, enough to buy weapons (a lightsaber, I mean, photonsaber), armor and bullets. He also came off saying that the whole point of the game was predicting the trajectory prediction, leaving everyone puzzled. Really puzzled.

Re: Hamatora, Ep 03

I’m not sure if I like this new “format.” I much preferred the new investigation each episode of the first season. Here we spend the whole episode following secondary and lower characters, until the end where Art shows up and less or more spell out his plan: defeat Nice and his friends. He is stealing minimum to do just that. He sort of has Nice down if it was one on one, but all of them together is not enough.

I wonder if he knows Hajime that much though, since she wasn’t at Facultas. There also appear to be someone else involved somewhere called Saikyou (aka Most Terrifying).

Kiddo Nice and Art
Kiddo Nice and Art

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