Weekly Anime Review

There was action this week, lots of action. Mahouka had a Tatsuya rampage. Captain Earth had anAustralian Outback rampage. Argevollen had a Unit 8 rampage. This is a lie, mostly off-screen, most of the episode was Jamie running as per the title: “Run, Jamie!” Aldnoah Zero had the Martian Vlad going on a rampage. Sword Art Online had the start of Ballet of Bullet. Re: Hamatora had a Honey-centric episode that wasn’t that much action oriented. You need an exception to the rule sometimes.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 18

Tatsuya murdered all the No-Head dragons in Japan…by sniping them with a revolver. I know it makes no sense. It seems like the power he used is called “Dem0n light” and it was used three years ago, but we don’t have the details.

We got a lot of info about his magician clan. It appears they turn their members into weapons. They are also getting too powerful — as powerful as all the other clans put together. The head of the magician order is somewhat annoyed that Tatsuya is stuck in  thebodyguard role, except he isn’t really.

Erika and Tatsuya
Erika teaching Tatsuya the proper etiquette

Poor Tatsuya, he had to dance with all the girls and see his sister go dance with Ichigo. And he was told to join one of the Ten Master Clans (by marrying Saegusa). Ichigo is supposed to be the next leader of the Ten Master Clans and by defeating him, Tatsuya put himself in a complicated situation.

Captain Earth, Ep 18

Akira’s mom seems to find it strange that Akira is friends with Pitz and Hana. The squirrel who isn’t a squirrel is going much better. I must say there is a scene there that I hope we get, which is the Akira/Mom version of before either one dies (anime you know).

After the little space adventure, all three Knights and mecha are returned to the Earth. That’s when Salty Dog does something stupid — they try to kidnapp Hana. Again. I’m starting to think that they want to force her to allow them to use her (well, the ship her). At least this is the Australian desert with lots of unmanned tanks trying to kill Daichi and Teppei.

Before that happened, there were a few other things. Teppei was pursued by the two younger ladies in the space station because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Daichi had to do some test and everyone was concerned that his and Teppei’s output is not stable. They need 20 gigajoule to fire something and they seem to have lower than that outside of battle conditions.

PukeKube was dumped by Hitomi because he was sleeping with all the women in the building. Even Moko was annoyed.

Argevollen, Ep 06

Dear god, there are a lot of assholes among the “good guys.” Someone really, really wants all of  Unit 8 dead. Or maybe even more than dead at this point.

All the flares of the other units failed to work because they were all unusable. I read this as “we made sure they couldn’t be used.” At least the captain was fast on his feet and double played everyone.

Argevollen doing a Thumb Up
Mecha Thumb Up!

There were also a lot of Jamie character stuff in this episode. It was a big annoyance, but going by the ending, it should be the last of the self-pitying-I-dont-want-to-do-it Jamie. Yeah. It almost made me drop the show, actually.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 05

Inaho is really a genius, and I’m really liking him so far. The princess had a bit of a stupid moment, but Rayet was there to save it with her “If you want to commit suicide, just kill yourself” (and not everyone else along with her).

The Vers Emperor asked for an armistice and the Orbital Knights got annoyed. In fact, they ignored it. Slaine got access to the Emperor; they seem to have a funky telecommunication system that “teleports” you to Mars. He told the Emperor that the princess was alive. I get the feeling it was a mistake.

Saazbaum was already hanging out with the Emperor and probably told him that Slaine wasn’t clean (because of Trilliam). Which caused the war to restart worse then ever. There were also hints that Slaine’s father might have something to do with the “evil” faction here.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 05

Sinon finally learned that Kirito was a guy in the worst way possible. This is an anime, which means she was practically naked. She got real prissy after that.

Kirito got his first kill. He used his sword. Death Gun was watching and he got really interested in a dude called Kirito that is super awesome with a sword. He so played SOA. He also discovered that he is a Laughing Coffin member. This is not going to end well.

Re: Hamatora, Ep 04

Another Honey-centric episode. We had one last year, well ok, it was more Three-centric. So Honey’s father, Doktor, used to be a higher-up dude at the Academy and he was of the thought that minimum holders had one role in the world…and it was mostly killing people.

Honey hates him. Most minimum holders hate him. And it appears that last week’s events were triggered to make him return. I get the feeling the Freenums are being used without their knowing. The question is by whom.

Honey also has another problem. Every time she uses her power, she mentally regresses to when she was a kid. Doktor is an asshole.

Honey is quite cleaver, though because she sent Nice and the others after the Freenum. The problem is that Art showed up and allowed them to escape. Idiot Art. Oh, and Radio and Birthday are also having problems with their powers, too. I wonder what is happening.

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