Weekly Anime Review

Once again, some nice action and plot development this week. Somewhat normal weeks for the almost-ending shows like Mahouka and Captain Earth. There was also a lot of plot exposition, maybe a bit heavy-handed in some cases. Actually, that’s one of the annoying thing in recent anime: heavy-handed exposition. It just doesn’t flow that well, even if the information is super important and interesting.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 19

Once more, lots of exposition. First, Tatsuya is researching something about having nuclear fusion working with flying magic, but he needs something to store magical sequences to make it work. so he is studying the philosopher stone. Because of his current research, he is asked to participate in a thesis competition, replacing another student who is indisposed. This is the start of a new year too, but it was barely mentioned. Good thing most of your characters are first years.

We then moved to another plot, which is linked to the research by default of what it does. A lady came over to the siblings’ house and asked Tatsuaya to come back working for the company. I guess that company belongs to the Yatsuba, because going by some dialogue and comments, that woman would be their step-mother…and Miyuki can’t stand her. What she really wanted from Tatsuya was to study a magical relic, a relic rumored to actually do what Tatsuya needs for his research. So he is all happy about it.

There were some other weird things, but besides “evil dude” contracting mercenaries to steal the relic, I’m not sure how it all links together. It seems to be a possible arms race in the making.

Captain Earth, Ep 19

Akari shut down Australia Globe’s main command computer. She is just awesome. She did that because they came up with a new plan for the heroes to be saved: steal a brand new plan from an airport.

Poor Moco, Amarok isn’t interested in her physically. It’s not like she isn’t trying, walking around just in a slip. She ends up saying he has no libido. Amarok want to send an all-out assault on Earth too, which is a good idea, considering all the infighting in the Earth defense group.

Big fish want to eat small fish
Big fish want to eat small fish

We also got a bit more information about Hana. Seems like Teppei and Daichi found her in the Blume when they were kids. That is interesting. It means that they journey underwater or something like that. The ship is huge too, Hana brought it to the surface for the Midsummer Operation.

Salty Dog is really stupid and this episode had a lots of fanservice.

Argevollen, Ep 07

How exactly do you rent an entire island to another country? This entire episode was weird. The 8 Unit had to pick up supplies on a neutral zone, which happens to be a leased island to another country. The whole thing seems like a bit of a set up for more Jamie x Susumu.

There is some other stuff that doesn’t really develop, besides Susumu’s sister having been on the island not long before dying. Oh and the Lt. in charge of Unit 8 used to be a Marshal.

Aldnoah, Ep 06

This was another awesome episode. We got a bit of info drop on what Aldnoah is. It’s an ancient civilization tech that selected the princess’s grandfather as “heir” by giving him the genetic activation sequences to make it work. Sounds a bit strange? It is. The dude is still alive, so the Vers empire isn’t that old.

The Vers Empire also declared full war on Earth and Slaine is now a fugitive. He decide to find the orange mecha, because I guess he concluded that the pilot probably knows where the Princess is.

We also learned something from Lt. Marito. In the last few episodes, he was all depressed over what happened 15 years ago. Well, in this episode the ship captain decide to go resupply in that region. She also happens to be adopted and the sister of Marito’s dead best friend. He was a bit shocked by it.

Rocket Fists Mecha
Rocket Fists Mecha!

Slaine saved the day in this episode, too.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 06

Kirito’s first meeting with Death Gun wasn’t exactly easy. It put him into a psycho phase, remembering when an assault squad trying to exterminate the Laughing Coffin’s HQ in SOA. They killed 20 of them and ten of theirs died in the process. The Laughing Coffin members were real psychos and still are going by Death Gun.

Of course, Kirito went a bit berserk after that, because Death Gun might want to kill his friends if he discovered them now. He went all the way to the final of his qualifier, against Sinon of course. It ended on a duel with one bullet fired and nobody dead. Sinon resigned after she was defeated. He also went all womanizrd there. Good thing Asuna isn’t around…

Re: Hamatora, Ep 05

So Art teamed up with the Freenum and they attacked the minimum prison. Seems like he is working for Saikyou, but I’m not sure if he is aware of it or not.

The entire Hamatora group has power management issues as well. Three get into beast mode, Honey regresses into a kid, Birthday gets an uncontrollable electricity urge, Ratio heats up, Nice can’t walk and Murasaki — I’m not sure what is Murasaki’s problem, he just looks at his hands. Hajime seems unaffected so far.

Ratio also found something interesting: there was an accident three years ago that resulted in Minimum holders losing their powers and getting personality changes. Just like what is happening right now with Art…and Saikyou got really interested in that event. The old gazer died, too. It made Art cry (he didn’t kill him, the Freenum did that).

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