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I dropped Re: Hamatora this week because I don’t like where it is going that much. For the rest, threads are picking up. Argevollen succeeded in having the worst and best animations of its season in a single episode. Mahouka shows that kids can easily be bullies to adults. Captain Earth has people doing stupid things. Adnoah Zero has a “Yeah, I love flying battleships” moment. Finally, Sword Art Online has more emo Kirito.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ep 20

Erika and Leo are such bullies, but I guess it was a for a good cause.

It appear that many, many people are interested in this Thesis Competition. There is also someone who wants revenge on Tatsuya and both these groups are somewhat working together now. Scary. For them of course, not Tatsuya.

“Have a good time”

Tatsuya and friends are being watched and spied upon. This caused Leo and Erika to spring one of these guys and scare him. They more or less succeeded — or failed. Hard to say. They make a good team, though. Also, since this arc started, there is a Chiba detective doing stuff that seems to tie in with the spying stuff. Going by his family name, I wonder if he is related to Erika.

Captain Earth ep 20

Interesting episode. We got three factions colliding in space: Ai-chan of the planetary gears showed up on the satellite ship, the Ark Faction sent saboteurs and the Intercept Faction wants to go ahead with Operation Summer.

All this time, we also have Teppei with anxiety issues. He fears his future somewhat. Having all those thousands of years of memories, he thinks that he can’t kiss someone and wonder who he is. Poor Teppei. We got more mommy stuff from Akira’s mom too, I expect her to die at this point (*sniff*). There was also AkiraxTeppei, we saw nothing of the kiss, though. Cop-out!

The episode ended with the Salty Dog dude doing something really stupid.

Argevollen ep 08

This episode is suffering really bad art here and there. They really put all the money in the fight, which was pretty good.

Susumu totally trashed the place where her sister took her last picture. Seems like she died in something called Argent Point. She also had a different name than Susumu from what I can gather.

I really wonder how she died, it seems to be a more important plot point than the war so far.

Aldnoah Zero ep 07

Next episode is going to be hard to build trust, since Slaine and Inaho shot each other at the end there.

So looks like Lt. Marito’s report was buried to hide the fact that Earth had one Martian Cataphracts and one flying ship hidden away. In fact, their own catraphracts are based on that model, going by the look of them.

A flying Battleship
Flying Battleship are the best

Our little Earth crew is dumping a super carrier for a flying super carrier. All that thanks to the princess who jump-started it. Rayet seems to be bloodthirsty for Martians too, she took the last shot on Hellas (that’s the multi-armed mech).

Next episode should be interesting. Inaho’s group is gathering tech right now and he is already a bit too good with his crazy stunts.

Sword Art Online II ep 07

We got sister anxiety, nurse counseling, ALO spacing-out healer (Asuna is really thinking of something else right now), and angry Sinon this episode.

Sinon’s friend is super creepy; like stalker-who-really-wants-a-girl creepy. He got friend-zoned hard too. I wonder how he’s going to react to that…

Next episode is the start of the real BoB tournament. I guess it might last a few episodes.

Re: Hamatora ep 06

Dropped this. I don’t really like where this is going.

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