Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week’s dispatches have a totally cute picture of me as She-Ra. So read ’em!

Memes and misogynoir: how Internet memes often make black women the butt of the joke. The Awl

Spoiler alert: Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a girl. Cue article on representation: Role Reboot

This is a lovely long read on the partners and lovers of male rock stars. The Believer

Taylor Swift is kind of embracing feminism. Ms.

She-Ra is back! Also, here’s me as She-Ra circa 1980-something. I know the the dress should be white, but my mom still did an amazing job by sewing me this costume from scratch. Six-year-old me loved my costume that year.  Jezebel

She-Ra Costume

Lauryn Hill breaks down her rage. Autostraddle

On how people are expected to occupy certain spaces based on their gender. New York Times

The murder of Mike Brown isn’t so much about police militarization as it is about racism. The Toast

Found on The Toast, this is a Mary Beard piece from 2000 on rape (that was your trigger warning). London Review of Books

And here’s the New Yorker profile of Beard.

Lady lumberjacks (lumberjanes?)

The role of humor in sex work advocacy. Tits and Sass

Myths about sexual assault. Cosmopolitan (They are really upping their game lately!)

You can’t fight rape with nail polish. Dame Magazine

Kirsten Gillibrand revealed that she’s been harassed over the years. And of course people concern trolled her immediately. Here’s a brief analysis: XX Factor

Playboy (of all publications) published a very handy chart on when you should catcall. Spoiler: only if she’s literally a felis catus. Link is safe for work, but it’s Playboy, so maybe click on your phone or at home.

Diet racism!

Tropes vs. women

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