Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

In which fashion is tone deaf not once, but twice.

Vogue just discovered big booties!

Urban Outfitters apparently tried selling a Kent State sweatshirt that appeared to have blood on it, which is politically tone deaf. But should we expect anything else from the purveyors of the Navajo panty? Jezebel

When coverage of Serena Williams gets RACIST. The Frisky

This just warms my heart: a high school freshman’s essay on the power of Hermione Granger. The Mary Sue

The Society Pages has a great analysis of masculinity in Pixar movies.

Mallory Ortberg has a scathing satire of the whole “I’m a feminist now that I have a daughter” trope.

I will never stop linking to articles about Misty Copeland. NPR

One woman on why she married her abuser. The Frisky

Could there be long-term male birth control by 2017? Feministing

A Q&A with Haley Mlotek, the new editor at The Hairpin. The Riveter

A scenic guide to your abnormal Pap smear. The Hairpin

GQ has a very good (and difficult) read on male military rape. Consider that your trigger warning.

What do you read when you’re stressed out? I like cozy mysteries. New York Times

Really sexist marriage advice from the 1950s. Aeon

What did you read this week?


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You must excuse me for ugly laughing all the way through the ‘I’m a feminist’ now piece. Its better than rage crying.

As for stress reading, I used to be a stress reader and a stress starver — nothing like escaping into a ya novel and forgetting to eat when there are problems to be solved. Getting older, I’ve discovered that now I’m a mindless stress tv watcher and a stress muncher — I think I prefered my earlier coping mechanisms.

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