Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

All the news that Ladyblogland found interesting this past week.

The Daily Show did a piece that involves a confrontation between Redskins fans and actual Native Americans. Apparently white people are not so cool when being called on their racism. Native Appropriations

Important news for fans of Olivia Pope’s white coats: The Limited launched a Scandal-inspired line last week.

How to make a breast pump that doesn’t suck (so much pun potential). WBUR

How to recognize harassment at work (and how to deal). Rookie

A new report details barriers to black girls’ success. Colorlines

The difference between white and black feminism. Salon

Meghan Daum on the decision to not have kids. The New Yorker

Here’s a moving essay on makeup and covering up abuse. Jezebel

“Your concern about the exact nature of my gender has been noted.” The Toast

The truth about apple pie spice. Skepchick

Cosmonaut! The Guardian

Before I bounce: ’90s phrases we need to bring back immediately. Hello Giggles

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