Legs Wide Open

My mom walks past and asks if I’m writing a sexy story, but I promise you this all will be safe for work. Unless your work can’t handle bare calves. And knees. But I swear, it’s SFW*.

A few weeks ago, while walking the dog, I did something for no clear reason. As any dog owner knows, you have to stop and wait (often/from time to time) for your dog. It being a summer day and me wearing a dress, I widened my stance.

Bare knees and legs under a black skirt
Oh no, space between legs!

Until I looked down and closed my legs, because… why? Because it’s not flattering, the dress was short, what if the wind would catch it and people would see my black underwear (meaning that I’m open for sexy business)?

While the only reason that this happened was because I wanted to air my thighs and prevent sweat rub.

And then I thought about the men in public transport taking up all the seating space. The “warnings” about never (accidentally) flashing your underwear and I got grumpy. It’s never fun to realize how society brainwashed you into doubting completely innocent actions.

Because honestly, will the world burn down (faster) if my legs aren’t closed for a few minutes? Will children become traumatized if they’ll notice grown women wearing underwear? Am I worth sweat rub because you might be uncomfortable?

I don’t need movements and protest-walks to assure women (and those that judge them) that not-having-your-legs-closed is okay. I just want space. To move, to stand and, if I want to, to spread.


*was I right?

By freckle [M]

Freckle can't decide between writing fact or fiction, so she does both, on a very regular basis, and sometimes even for money.

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