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Let’s All Flail About Doctor Who: Episode 8×03, “Robot of Sherwood”

The Doctor meets Robin Hood? Be still my fangirl heart.

I have really high hopes for this episode because I’ve always loved Robin Hood stories. (If you haven’t watched the BBC series from a few years ago, do it. I’ll wait. It’s delightful, and there’s so much pretty.)

By [E] Hillary

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Adorbs. I’m having so much fun this season. Am I the only one who sees a lot of Rose in Clara? As far as being able to relatively talk her way out of a situation, and fully embraces the circumstances of their time travel? (The outfits!) I can’t even pick a favorite part, but the Doctor’s curmudgeonly, “None of this is real! And stop laughing!” [heavily paraphrased] made me giggle throughout.

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