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Let’s All Flail About Doctor Who: Episode 8×04, “Listen”

Four episodes into the Capaldi era, how are you feeling about his Doctor?

I was a bit hesitant at first, but so far I think I’m going to really like him (and I like Clara more with him than I did with Eleven). Did “Listen” push you one way or the other?

By [E] Hillary

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3 replies on “Let’s All Flail About Doctor Who: Episode 8×04, “Listen””

That was SO Moffat. Pseudo-clever proposition that comes from/leads to multiple paradoxes and overlapping timelines? Bingo!

(Not that I actually mind paradoxes as a plot device, because they’d be impossible to avoid in real time travel and they can be fun. It just amuses me that he uses them so much and is so self-congratulatory about being cleverer than the rest of us. I just don’t know why it amuses me when it royally pisses off so many people.)

But I continue to really like 12 and this version of Clara.

This was my first Doctor Who episode since ..Eleven’s first season?

I like Capaldi. I like the voice, I like the presence, I’m pretty much okay with what he does and how he plays the Doctor.

I didn’t like the mash up from End of the Universe (weird how different it looked this time), Midnight and another episode I can’t remember the name of. Nor that Clara again is some super thing but will probably never get that used as more than a moving the plot along.

Nor did I like the big bad/not big bad because I’m home alone :(

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