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Lunchtime Poll: Rom-Coms

With a box of Belgian chocolates by my side, I am watching My Best Friend’s Wedding. Again.

Julia Roberts is lovely, and I have a soft spot for Cameron Diaz since discovering The Body Book. But my favourite rom-com? Now that, Persephoneers, is a difficult question. I love Four Weddings and a Funeral. It is perfection and beauty in so many ways. Not least because it features John Hannah reading W. H. Auden’s Funeral BluesI would cautiously say that Runaway Bride comes in a close second. Then of course there’s Love Actually. So many films, so little time.

So tell me, Persephoneers, which are your favourite rom-coms? Or are you someone who would rather watch paint dry than see two characters ride off into the sunset?


By Juniper

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Many have already been mentioned, but Love Actually and 10 Things I Hate About You are my tops. Love Actually is hella problematic in parts, but I am here for Emma Thompson.

Also have a soft spot in my heart for The Holiday, but only the Kate Winslet half because she is me basically.

10 Things I Hate About You what do you mean that’s not rom-com.

Pretty Woman solely for the Buffalo Drive scene(s)

Love Actually

Atonement (although ..I can’t think of it without getting a stomach ache but there’s 10 minutes of perfect happiness)

The Holiday, kinda.

Sandra Bullock saved The Proposal

And yeeeeees, Must Love Dogs!

I was going to say, “But what about -” then realised I couldn’t think of any lesbian rom-coms :( Though, thinking about it, part of what I love so much about Four Weddings and a Funeral is Gareth and Matthews relationship, it was so tender and well, heartstrings, tears, MY EMOTIONS! Perhaps there will be hints of lesbian rom commness in the new film Pride?

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