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New Show Recap: The Good Wife, 6×02: “Trust Issues”

After last week’s stunning premiere, we’re back this week for another dose of heartache. 

Cary’s still in jail, and he still doesn’t want Diane to join the firm — even though she’s fighting tooth and nail as his lawyer to get him out. Don’t be an idiot, Cary. ASA Finn Pullmar  is pulling out all of the stops, making Alicia testify as to the origin of Cary’s bail money, which causes the judge to agree to questioning Lemont Bishop — who will probably pull Cary’s bail and strand him in prison.

Diane lets slip to Dean that she’s moving to Florrick Agos after she “retires” from her firm.

Diane, this is crazy. You’re leaving the biggest firm in Chicago, for a start-up?

Tensions flare when Alicia asks Peter to sign off on a second mortgage to get Cary out of jail. Peter refuses, and Alicia says the man she married would have signed it because it’s the right thing to do. Peter replies,

That’s funny, because the woman I married wouldn’t have asked.

Well, that’s a terrible thing to say. It’s obvious that some part of Peter still resents Alicia’s success, even if he is pulling for her to run for state’s attorney — but that’s only because he wants the state’s attorney on his side.

Diane tries to convince Dean to jump ship to Florrick Agos with her, which could be a huge open door for him to walk through.

Wouldn’t you want an opportunity to build a firm, one with a real minority initiative? One with women, and People of Color?

In response, Dean rounds up other People of Color and women in the firm, who all decide to leave the firm. This leads to a mass walk out, backed by some seriously intense orchestra music, and the whole scene gave me goosebumps.

A man of mystery shows up with a cashier’s check for $1.3 million, exactly enough to bail Cary out. He seems to think that Alicia is running for state’s attorney, which he approves of, because he has problems with the current state’s attorney. Alicia corrects him and refuses the check.

Kalinda visits with Lemond Bishop after one of the witnesses gets bumped off, and it’s very clear that he’s threatening to kill the other two unless Kalinda tells him which one is the informant. All of this takes places at his son’s soccer game.

Alicia is involved with a lawsuit against their wealthiest client, Chumhum, and the opposing council is none other than the woman who didn’t hire Alicia way back in season 1. As Alicia secures a modest settlement, securing good relations with Chumhum and closing the case, the opposing council says,

I should have hired you. You’re an assassin.

Florrick Agos then votes to use the money from the Chumhum success to bail Cary out. They didn’t need anyone’s help — not Lemond Bishop’s, not the mysterious real estate developer, not Peter — they did it themselves. To be clear — Alicia did it.

Because she’s an assassin.

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