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More quick links this week!

A host of factors in the region may cause tensions to resurface in the Kashmir region.

Australia has reached a deal with India to sell them uranium. So goes the beginning plot of every Bond movie.

In other news, Al Qaeda is set to form a wing of its organization in India.

Severe flooding throughout Asia has lead to the deaths of 250 people.

Remember the hotly contested Afghan presidential election? Well, both candidates have decided to form a unity government and sign agreements allowing NATO troops to stay next year.

In a move to gain more popularity, Japan’s prime minister added five women to his cabinet.

Seven men were sentenced to death after being convicted of rape in Afghanistan.

Three Americans taken prisoner by the North Korean government were allowed to give interviews to CNN and the Associated Press.

Many are calling for protests in Hong Kong as the Chinese government is basically rigging the next election.

This is cool: an ancient university in India has been re-opened after 800 years.

This is also cool: Malala’s mother has learned to read.

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