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News in Europe: Never Trust a Russian Informer

Welcome, citizens, to a week that has one crisis smouldering and another looming. And the Scottish referendum isn’t even happening until next week.

As another ceasefire is agreed in Ukraine, and then promptly broken again, the death toll rises to over 3000. And it looks like there are a few people in Russia who don’t agree with Putin.

As the preliminary report on the MH17 disaster is released, it is confirmed that the plane was ripped apart from the impact of a “number of high-energy objects.” The Dutch Safety Board has still not been able to visit the crash site itself.

Meanwhile, an Estonian security officer has been abducted on the Russian border and brought to Moscow. Estonia claims he was told he was meeting an informant, while Russian media suggest he will be accused of spying.

In Calais, hundreds of migrants are still trying to find a way to get to the UK, fights are still breaking out, and far-right groups are still trying to use the situation to garner votes. Last week, 200 desperate souls tried to storm a ferry to England. As with so many crises, nobody really knows what to do.

In Bosnia, five men are still missing after a mine collapsed last week.

Fears are rising in England of a likely “Yes” vote in the Scottish Independence referendum next week. It would have all kinds of implications which will no doubt be discussed in detail when the votes have been counted. Until then, sit tight.

Ashya King, the 5-year-old cancer patient whose parents were arrested for removing him from an English hospital last month, has arrived in Prague to begin proton beam therapy. All the best for the little one.

No fun news this week, I’m afraid, but here’s a very strong German guy. Beer shaped that beautiful body, no doubt.

Until next week!

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