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News in Europe: Still Great Britain

Greetings, citizens, and what did I say? Scotland voted “No,” and the world did not stop.

After the 55% No vote, Scotland will remain part of the UK, albeit with a lot of perks from the government in London, and without Alex Salmond, who resigned as First Minister and SNP leader. Personally, I’m relieved that Scotland did not start a Europe-wide trend of separatism that would do nothing but destabilise the continent. But then Catalonia might still get their vote, and who knows, Europe might still be fine. Onwards and upwards.

Here’s an interesting piece on the situation in Eastern Ukraine. It looks pretty grim. Meanwhile, there are plans to set up a buffer zone between the two halves of the country.

In Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky is going back into politics as the anti-Putin. Showdown!

The fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq has now reached Europe, as Turkey is near overwhelmed with refugees. Many of them are Kurds planning to go back to fight, which leads to additional friction.

In EU news, Greece expects an early bailout exit. It worked! </possible sarcasm>

The governments of The Netherlands and Denmark have helped set up a fund that supports grassroots sexual health groups that might put off big donors with their agendas. You go, awesome countries of Europe!

Nicolas Sarkozy is back! Some people just cannot be got rid off. See also: Berlusconi.

France, no doubt in an attempt to emulate Dutch and Danish awesomeness, has pledged 1 BILLION DOLLARS (read in a Bond villain voice) to a UN climate change fund.

And finally, for your chuckle of the week, here’s Russia criticizing the Scottish vote. It’s a strange world that has Putin’s people as its advocates for all that’s right and proper.

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