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I wish we didn’t publish as early as we did because last Sunday was a busy day for news!

Let’s start this with one of the highest highs (It’s going to go mostly downhill afterward). Queen Lupita Nyong’o stopped by Sesame Street to talk about her beautiful skin. Admittedly, I cried.

Michael K. Williams was named as an ACLU ambassador, using his visibility from beloved/notable roles on The Wire and Boardwalk Empire (and Community) to highlight the problem of mass incarceration in this country.

Summer music star singer Charli XCX has joined the all too short list of celebrities who publicly identify as feminist.

In sad news for me, because of my eternal crush on her, it seems Samira Wiley is dating Orange is The New Black’s writer Lauren Morelli after Morelli filed for divorce from her husband of two years. I begrudgingly admit they make a super cute couple. Sadly most articles related to this story are as disgusting as you’d expect.

News has come out that deadpan master Aubrey Plaza will voice Grumpy Cat for a Lifetime movie. I look forward to the inevitable trainwreck. Maybe we should do a liveblog of it?

CBS and the NFL continue to prove how well the handling of the Ray Rice incident and subsequent fallout is going by pulling Rihanna’s song “Run This Town” from a pregame segment, the excuse being that including her song didn’t set the right tone. Because having a song by an abuse victim might make people think of that one time the NFL screwed up when that video of a player beating his wife came out. They then backpedaled and decided to use it again. Rihanna of course didn’t keep quiet and took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the matter. As it stands, CBS decided to pull it completely again.

Continuing with the football mess, some Redskins fans are upset with the Daily Show for forcing them to confront the very Native Americans protesting the name in an episode that hasn’t yet aired but already has me making sure the DVR is set.

From the Washington Post:

“This goes way beyond mocking. Poking fun is one thing, but that’s not what happened,” said Kelli O’Dell, 56, a former teacher who lives in Alexandria and doesn’t watch the show regularly. “It was disingenuous. The Native Americans accused me of things that were so wrong. I felt in danger. I didn’t consent to that. I am going to be defamed.”

Meanwhile, Terry Crews continues to be amazing by showing support for getting rid of the offensive Redskins name.

Also, a recent study proves that despite users claiming to be in support of interracial dating, OkCupid users tend to prefer dating within their own race. Which is unsurprising following this earlier study that indicated that black people and Asian men received the fewest responses on dating sites.

Then there was whatever this hot mess of an article is from the New York Post.

Speaking of hot mess, The New York Times is taking some heat for this ridiculous article about Shonda Rhimes. I’m sure the writer thought she was being complimentary and thought she was writing an article applauding Shonda Rhimes’ characters, but if you read the article, I don’t know how you could think that. I mean the first line is absolutely insulting:

When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography, it should be called “How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman.”

Shonda Rhimes did not let it slide (nor should she.) The writer of course, didn’t see the problem. It’s our fault for not getting past the first line.

As brand ambassador for the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse Initiative, Scandal star Kerry Washington is raising awareness about financial abuse. As the spokesperson, she has designed a limited-edition purple purse to highlight the role of money in abusive relationships.

Viola Davis, star of this season’s How to Get Away With Murder, spoke candidly to NY Times about racism and the lack of roles for black women, particularly women of a “certain” age.

Talking bluntly like this “is only complicated for people of color,” she told me. “I listen to really smart Caucasian women all the time talking about how hard it is for women over a certain age, and it doesn’t overshadow their work. When you’re white, your ability is not overshadowed by your rhetoric. […] When you see what the deficit is, then you have to do something about it […] I see the kind of work that needs to be put out there in order to make change. Do I think there is a crisis for women over 40, too? Absolutely. But a 25-year-old white actress who is training at Yale or Juilliard or SUNY Purchase or N.Y.U. today can look at a dozen white actresses who are working over age 40 in terrific roles. You can’t say that for a lot of young black girls. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Speaking of Hollywood Racism, there’s this story from the Daily Mail (which I know is full of lies and terribleness, but you can’t deny that this is the sort of tone-deafness that I expect to be flooding the news around this movie), in which Joel Edgerton says it would be “a shame” if Ridley Scott’s Exodus was boycotted over racist whitewashing of characters, citing that “It’s an important story of racial struggle.” Also news: Joel Edgerton doesn’t understand irony.

Just a reminder that the repercussions of Ferguson are still being felt in the St. Louis area, as protestors are still demanding justice for Mike Brown in the face of an unyielding and unsympathetic city council who continue to protect and aid the murderer, Darren Wilson.

22-year-old Darrien Hunt was fatally shot by police in Utah this past week for carrying a sword. Correction, Darrien Hunt was cosplaying with a fake sword in a state that has legal open carry laws regarding weapons, and was shot by police. Darrien Hunt was killed because he was cosplaying while black. Utah police claim he brandished the sword and attacked, but this wouldn’t be the first time (this summer) that an innocent black man was made out to be the aggressor in a police-related death.

International Roundup

The Colombian women’s cycling team has everyone in a tizzy after revealing their new outfits which features some unfortunate nude-colored fabric.

Proving that the US isn’t the only one with racist politicians, a former Mexico politician made a post on Facebook calling soccer superstar Ronaldinho a monkey. He of course deleted it, and eventually issued a public apology (link in Spanish) stating that he isn’t usually like this, he was just upset that he was stuck in traffic. Because posting  racist comments on your social media is what people usually do when stuck in traffic, right?

Baddass Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone called out Times of India for their sexist article that focused primarily on her cleavage. Other Bollywood stars followed her example and condemned the news site for their loose use of the word “journalism.”

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