This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny is Capsy Swearing

I just can’t, y’all. CANNOT. Even without the Ray Rice video debacle, there was still an absurd amount of news this week. Come on in to find out which surprising city may be passing a racist abortion ban, who thinks women are penis homes, and why white people need to shut up about butts and Beyoncé. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Aw, the redditor who posted all the stolen celebrity nude pictures is whining about losing his privacy. GEE, THAT REALLY SUCKS, DOESN’T IT? Douchebag.

An Ohio woman was raped after a bus driver kicked her off at 1 a.m. because she wasn’t wearing shoes; her flip-flop broke, so she took it off.

Wendy Davis revealed this week that she had two abortions back in the ’90s; first because she had an ectopic pregnancy (which are always terminated) and again two years later when she tests revealed a “severe brain abnormality” in her unborn daughter and she didn’t want her child to suffer. The media, of course, has been asking her gubernatorial race opponent and anti-choice extremists to comment on it as if it’s any of their damn business.

A Pennsylvania mom was sentenced to 12-18 months in prison and fined $1000 for buying abortion drugs online for her 16-year-old daughter after she couldn’t find a clinic nearby. She also has to perform 40 hours of community service after her release.

SHIT. Missouri lawmakers overrode Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a 72-hour waiting period for abortions.

San Francisco may become the first city to explicitly ban sex-selective abortions; opponents point out that this perpetuates racist stereotypes about the city’s Asian population.

Employees at Big Woody’s, a bar in Chesapeake, Virginia, closed a woman’s tab because customers complained that she was breastfeeding. It’s unclear whether the problem was that people were uncomfortable that she was nursing in public (in which case, fuck ’em) or that they thought she was endangering the child (which, she’d had one sip of beer and was saving the rest until after her daughter was finished eating, and alcohol doesn’t enter the milk supply instantaneously, and maybe don’t assume that she doesn’t know what she’s doing).

Awesomeness: A new cab company called SheRides is opening in the NYC area; all of the drivers will be women and they’ll only pick up groups with at least one female rider. It means having to arrange a pickup (via an app) instead of just hailing a cab on the corner, but it’s still pretty cool.

Terrible People of the Week

  • Messianic rabbi Johnathan Cahn, who blamed the 9/11 attacks on Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion. FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE.
  • Jose Baltazar Hernandez Molina, a 31-year-old Christian minister, for killing the girl he’d been raping for two years because she wanted to date a boy her own age (reports vary as to whether she was 12 or 14). H/t Skepchick, which points out that all the coverage has been calling her “his lover” and barely mentions that it was rape.
  • Angel Mario Vega, a wrestler at Minnesota State University – Moorhead, for getting an 18-year-old student drunk, inviting other students in his dorm to ogle her without a shirt on while she was passed out, and then filming himself raping her back in his room (and trying to then convince police that he had no idea how her clothes got into his room and that he didn’t film her).
  • Chad Nevada Mockerman, a former Republican candidate for Cabarrus County (NC) commissioner, whose ex-wife just turned in to police for raping a child in 2012.
  • Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL), for throwing a fundraiser to which only men were invited, and the actual invitation is so sexist it reads like a parody.
  • Mark Driscoll, who recently revealed that he used to anonymously troll on the internet. Among the old comments that have been dug up are a bizarre message to men that they need to find a home for their homeless penis (namely, a wife, because hands don’t count and two homeless penises definitely shouldn’t hang out together). Gross, dude. His Mars Hill megachurch also just fired a pastor who called for Driscoll to resign.
  • Nev Schulman of MTV’s Catfish, for acting like it’s not fair that he got kicked out of Sarah Lawrence College in 2006 for punching a woman because he totally thought she was a guy, and for not realizing the irony of posting a self-congratulatory selfie in an elevator and declaring it to be “abuse free” because he’s a “real” man.
  • Rob Monteleone, who wrote a completely fucking ridiculous op-ed about campus rape in the University of Arizona Daily Wildcat in which he trotted out the tired analogy of getting your bike stolen if you leave it unlocked and somehow tried to tie sexual assault to lung cancer (still scratching my head over that one).
  • Harrison’s Comics in Salem, Mass, where a female employee says she was fired after complaining to the store’s owner that a manager had joked about a “rape room” at the back of the store and put his arm around her without permission. (The store’s explanation, which claims that she’s lying and it was a fellow new hire who asked if the statue storage room nickname of “stat room” was a reference to “stat rape,” sounds awfully fishy, because who even has a nickname for statutory rape and is going to joke about it on their first day of a new job? And if someone did, why wasn’t he fired on the spot?)
  • Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson, who said that STDs are God’s punishment for promiscuity and gay sex.
  • Reddit, for leaving up the /r/photoplunder subreddit that features stolen photos of anonymous nude women even though they took down the subreddit with the stolen celebrity nudes.
  • Facebook, for removing a picture that Women You Should Know posted from photographer Laura Dodson’s Bare Reality art project because it violated community standards by showing nude breasts, even though WYSK found all kinds of other pictures that are far more exploitative that are allowed because they don’t show bare nipples. (NSFW pics at the link)
  • Oakleaf High School, for forcing a transfer student who unknowingly violated the dress code on the first day of school to change into an oversized t-shirt that read “Dress code violation” in giant letters. Because that’s less distracting than an extra inch of leg and a great way to make her feel welcome in her new town.
  • Barnard College, which informed the students who will be RAs in dorms that while they’re in training, their clothing has to follow a “No belly, no butts, no bras” rule. It likely isn’t about male gaze since Barnard is a women’s college, but many of the RAs complained anonymously that it discriminates against women (and especially WoC) with certain body types and defines “professional attire” along very corporate lines.
  • Vogue, for declaring that we’re in the “era of the big booty” because of white women, as if black women haven’t been rocking big butts for, well, ever. But now it’s cool because Iggy Azalea is singing about booty with J.Lo.
  • Target, for having this shirt in their juniors’ department. (H/t my friend Tom.)
Model wearing a white t-shirt that reads "Girls just wanna have funds."
Screencapped from

Another friend of mine spotted a Barbie brand kid’s t-shirt at Ross that reads “T.G.I.P. Thank God I’m Pretty,” but they don’t list their products online and I can’t find it anywhere else, so I’m not sure if it’s an officially licensed product or not.

The Oakland Raiders are paying out a total of $1.25 million in back wages to their cheerleaders from the 2010-2013 seasons, though that just retroactively brings them up to earning minimum wage and being paid back for some business expenses that weren’t reimbursed.

We’d like to buy a drink for the unnamed U.S. Marshall who was out jogging in Pittsburgh when a 19-year-old man pulled down her pants; she chased him down, kicked him in the balls, punched his face, and had the little fucker arrested for assault.

Oh for FUCK’S sake. A study by the London Business School found that men who believe in strict gender roles actually gave worse evaluations to women with impressive past accomplishments.

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If you are drinking and breastfeeding at the same time, it makes sense to feed while you are drinking. That way the baby isn’t going to be hungry while the alcohol is in your system. I know that my new mom friends have to obsessively plan when they are going to pump to make a casual night out.

Also, there are genetic reasons why a couple might prefer having one gender or another. For example, if one or both parents are carriers of a genetic abnormality. Whenever you start restricting people’s reproductive rights, even if it’s for reasons most would consider justified, it’s a huge step in the wrong direction.

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