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This Weekend Open Thread is a Cosplaying Corgi

What the world needs now is more dogs in costumes.

Have you seen Kiba the Cosplaying Corgi yet? He’s been all over the interwebs lately. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend checking him out. For doggy in costume reasons. Behold:

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi dressed as Link from the Legend of Zelda.
Photo credit: Kiba the Cosplaying Corgi Facebook Page


By [E] Liza

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Guys. It is 6 am on a Saturday and I am at work. Everything is terrible forever. And “All About That Bass” (which I have hated from MOMENT ONE) has been stuck in my head for three days. Also, I am going to a “barn dance” tonight. So, my life is confusing.

As for more dogs in costumes, I can help with that! A local business in town asked us to dress our dogs up in costumes for promotional purposes!

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