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Mahouka got serious! Erika is scary in that mode. Captain Earth had some fighting against Asteroids and more stupid Salty Dogs. Argevollen‘s plot is still moving at a snail’s pace, but I guess building the maybe-bad guys is a good thing. Aldnoah Zero was hard to watch, poor Slaine. Sword Art Online had more emo Kirito, hopefully the GGO arc will end soon.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ep 21

A non-Tatsuya-centric episode. Who thought this was possible?

This episode focused mostly on Erika, Leo and Mikihiko. Erika, despite acting a bit like an idiot sometimes, is actually rather bright. She comes to the conclusion that having a trump card that can kill someone might be necessary if you want to stay by Tatsuya’s side. She decides to teach Leo, because he doesn’t have any. She also seems to think herself a good judge of people’s military abilities.

Serious Erika
Serious!Erika is probably my favorite character

She also got trolled by her sister. Leo saw her taking a shower… The students are also wondering if they are a couple, but that was a bit too ham-fisted, I think. Mikihiko and Mizuki are probably more sure of being it.

Captain Earth ep 21

The planetary gears are becoming more intelligent, as opposed to hopping on their little mecha. AI-chan uses Jin’s singularity to throw space debris at the space station. Lots of space debris. Teppei was almost destroyed by them.

Then Daichi uses the superplasmagun, which needs to be renamed bike-gun, to blow them apart. Along with Teppei, sort of. It seems like Teppei Livelaster somehow saved his butt.

It seems like Salty Dog will continue to do very stupid things in the next episode. It’s getting old.

Argevollen ep 09

I’m really wondering where the plot of this show is going. This time we saw Capitalism at work. Indeed, a section of the anime is the CA of a company talking about who to sell their weapons to in order make the war last longer. It appears that the current war between Arandas and Iglemia is all about Argevollen.

Unit 8 also attacked a base called Zong, where a friend of that Iglemia Trail Kreiger was working. Let’s just say he wasn’t happy at the end of the episode. So I guess he’s going to really want to kick Argevollen’s butt now. Still, I kind of hope that the plot is going to make more sense at some point. There was also a lack of Jaimie this episode.

Aldnoah Zero ep 08

This was sort of a waste of an episode. While Slaine was being tortured, the princess was enjoying herself on the Deucalion. Seems like the Terran kept the fallen Kataphract name for their flying battleship.

Toward the end, Count Crucheo finally realized what Slaine was trying to do…and Count Slauzbaum showed up to take back Slaine and seems to have killed him. Basically, half the episode was wasted on Slaine getting tortured.

Poor Slaine, his life sucks.

Sword Art Online II ep 08

Pale Raider was a cool guy. All agility and 3D movement ability…and a shotgun. We shouldn’t forget the shotgun. RIP Pale Raider, we only knew you for like 15 seconds, but you were cool to watch.

Looks like Death Gun has the most OP sniper rifle in GGO and used it to stun his target. Then he shot them dead with a handgun.

Naked Kirito
Fanservice, but I can decide if it is for girls or guys.

This episode had more trap Kirito and trolling. Everyone but Sinon and her friends think Kirito is a girl and he plays with it. He also swam underwater naked. I wonder if that was streamed online. XXX material right there.

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