Weekly Anime Review

Shows are cruising toward their endings or mid-season finals. Mahouka was action-packed this week; in fact, it had two fights against the same enemy in a single episode. Captain Earth had a weird ending moment. Argevollen was, once again, super slow. The direction of that anime is lacking. Aldnoah had the best episode I’ve watched of an anime in a long time. Sword Art Online was predictable.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Ep 22

We had some action this week, acting the Man-Eating Tiger. First it was Erika’s brother and Mari against him, then it was Mari, Mayumi and Tatsuya who defeated him. Mari and Nao are super cute; Erika might be my favorite character, but I disagree with her on the subject of Mari/Nao.

Seems like the Great Asian Alliance is trying to kill their pets, but Mari ended up at the right place twice to stop them from doing so. She has a nice ability.

Miuyki has a serious problem. I’m starting to wonder if she was mind-screwed or something to love her brother that way (he doesn’t love her that way, thank everything that is holy).

Captain Earth, Ep 22

Salty Dogs are really freaking stupid. I can’t imagine people like that can actually exist. I’m starting to hope that they are brainwashed or something.

The Planetary Gears decided to do a full-scale attack, but Moko is sad about it and they doubt that the Midsummer Knights are going to succeed. Still, it seems like Ai and Amarok are the only ones who really want to eat all of Earth Libido (I can’t believe I just wrote that).

Daichi waking up
A dream?!

Also, WTF! the ending. A dream…what?

Argevollen, Ep 10

After many days of fighting, Unit 8 finally got some rest. Which got interrupted of course. Interrupted while the two officers are away, but a full troop of invaders that include many Trail Kregers. Twelve of them, I think that’s even more than Unit 8 members.

The group then selected a leader based on “has to know the geography,” because nobody really wanted to do it. Somewhat funny, I don’t remember the army working like that exactly. It also ended up a rather bad idea. There was also hot spring with more fanservice for women than men, which actually surprised me.

The other part of the episode is the Captain going to talk to another dude in the army that we don’t really know anything about.

Aldnoah Zero, Ep 09

This was a good episode. Really good episode. Now I’m rooting for Rayet and Sleezbaum. Indeed, the “bad guys.” OK, Rayet is just really mentally unstable, and THAT ending. Like woah.

So, we learn why Sleezbaum planned the whole assassination thing. He wanted vengeance for the death of his beloved 15 years ago in Heaven’s Fall. He blamed both the Humans and the Vers Empire for that, especially the royal family. His intro with Slaine was awesome. Especially the “I am the traitor,” he knows how to assume himself. He also saved Slaine because he had a debt to his father.

Aldnoah world map
What happened to North/South America?

The best karmic outcome would be that Rayet kills him for the exact same thing…and she is in a killing mood, despite the PTSD with Trilliam’s mecha. It also appears that she’s going to join the Kat’s squad. Also, the princess is really annoying her, this animosity caused that ending. Oh Rayet, how are you going to get out of that now?

Interesting episode that focused on two characters who were not Slaine or Inaho, and it was worth with. We also learned more about Marito’s PTSD, he really did kill his friend because he was going to die horribly otherwise.

Sword Art Online II, Ep 09

Sinon and Kirito teamed up. They also screwed up really bad when they decided that Gunner X was Death Gun, when he wasn’t.

There were also scenes with the ALO group watching the matches and complaining that Kirito isn’t shown much. I’m starting to think he will finish the battle without killing a single person. Both Klein and Asuna found out right away that Death Gun was a former Laughing Coffin. Klein is even trying to remember who the guy is and Asuna is going to talk Kirito’s boss to tell him.

Sinon also found herself in a really bad position there. Death Gun is using the very weapon she killed someone with when she was a kid, on top of being stunned.

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