Weekly Anime Review

There was a lot of talking this week on all of the shows. It’s like it was Let’s Talk week. Mahouka took it really slow despite only having a few episodes left to finish the current story arc. I guess the battles are going to go fast. Captain Earth delivered what was more or less a filler episode from my point-of-view right before the final. Argevollen was a cool down episode, Aldnoah continued Rayet’s and Sleezy’s character exploration, and finally, Sword Art Online had more emo.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei ep 23

Inspector-san, Erika’s older brother, really doesn’t have luck with the women. He was on a “date” with Kyouko and she invited him and all his subordinates, armed, to the Thesis Competition. Poor guy.

Besides the explosion at the end, not a lot happened in this episode. There was a lot of blah blah about the First High presentation and that was about it. It wasn’t exactly boring, but it makes me think that the last three episodes will be rushed.

Captain Earth ep 23

This week’s episode that was a dream. Strangely, all the planetary gears showed up in Daichi’s dreams, tempting him away from his path. Two other people showed up: the scientist who gave him the gun in the first episode and Pitz.

Daichi point an hairdryer like a gun
Everyone does that every time Daichi, no point in feeling weird about it

While the episode was somewhat fun because the planetary gears are actually good characters, it was also total filler, unless something in it impacts the next episode.

Argevollen ep 11

This was an even more slo-mo episode than usual. There was a weird aptitude test, a party, and the Captain told Susumu about his sister after learning he was his little brother.

Looks like she died in some kind of experiment (I’m still thinking it has something to do with Arge). Susumu wasn’t happy, which means Unit 8 now has ten members who have punched a superior officer.

Aldnoah Zero ep 10

There was a lot of talking in this episode. We got to see Orlane, Sleezbaum’s wife-to-be, and the pilot of the Deucalion when it wasn’t a flying battleship (she looks a lot like Inoha and his sister). Hmm. Rayet and the Princess had a little chat, and there was proper reanimation used as well. I liked the Captain’s comment that kids in high school usually don’t pay attention to teaching and giggle at the mouth-to-mouth. Inaho is not normal.

The Terrans made it to Russia and the United Earth HQ, which is a gigantic underground base in Siberia. Ahahahaha. It’s also going to be destroyed, going by Sleezy descending his Fortress on it and I bet all that remains of Terrans are going to be flying off on the Deucalion.

Princess and Rayet at gun point
I can tell they are going to be best friend before the end.

Sleezy gave Slaine the Tharsis, Crutheo’s cataphract. I’m not sure exactly why he did that; technically, Slaine cannot power up the drive. He also considers his debt paid.

Sword Art Online II ep 10

Mechanized horse? In a a post-apocalyptic setting with buggies? It’s also faster than the buggie. Cheating horse!

Dear god, that dialogue had some double entendres here. I wonder if Asuna saw the entire exchange. If she did, Kirito might need to prepare for his funeral.

Sinon’s PTSD is very strong, too, but I don’t think punching Kirito is going to do anything good there. The kids ended up telling each other their darkest secrets. Hopefully, next episode will be the “end” of Death Gun. I’m starting to get tired of all the emo.

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